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Scott Shriner live with Broken in October 2000.
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1998 – c. 2001
Label(s) Smackworks[clarification needed]
Former Members
Scott Shriner
Shelley Brien
Mick Barragan
Kelly Hagerman

Broken was one of the last bands Scott Shriner played in before joining Weezer.[1][2]


Broken described its own music as "punk rock and roll." The duo of Shelley Brien (later affiliated with Mark Lanegan of Queens of the Stone Age) and Michael "Mick" Barragan (formerly of the Sub Pop-signed Plexi) co-founded Broken in 1999. They recorded a four-song demo later that year with Duff McKagan, bassist of Guns N' Roses, and worked with several drummers and bassists. By the end of the year, they had settled on Shriner and drummer Kelly Hagerman as consistent band members.[1] [2]

Shriner would go on to collaborate with McKagan several times in his career, including giving him bass lessons.[3][4]

Scott Shriner recorded one self-titled EP with the band in 2000 before departing to join Weezer.



  • Scott Shriner - bass
  • Shelley Brien - vocals
  • Mick Barragan - guitars
  • Kelly Hagerman - drums


Known songs

  • "Tear Down The Walls"
  • "Action"
  • "Blue"
  • "Goin' Down"
  • "Hot as Fuck"
  • “Hole In The Sky” (Black Sabbath cover)

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