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Background information
Years active 2012-?
Label(s) Hollywood Records, CDBaby
Former Members
Scott Shriner
Frankie Perez
Joey Castillo
Dave Warren
Dave Kushner

PusherJones was an animated rock band assembled by Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner, and featured Weezer member Scott Shriner on bass.



Dave Kushner announced the project in 2012, and their first single, "Count Me Out" was announced for a May 1st release. It was also available on Rolling Stone's website prior to release.

Kushner described the project as "a cool riff-rock thing," stating that they were "influenced by everything from Zeppelin and Sabbath to newer bands."

Cartoon Pilot

According to Kushner, a television pilot for a full PusherJones cartoon had been created and was making attempts to be picked up. One of the members of the project, Dave Warren, had previously worked on The Simpsons. Nothing has surfaced of this pilot, and it can be assumed the project was abandoned.



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