My Evaline

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"My Evaline"
My Evaline cover
B-side by Weezer
Released February 2, 1995
Recorded July 9, 1994
Length 0:44
Label Geffen
Writer(s) traditional arranged by Sigmund Spaeth
Producer(s) Weezer
Status Officially released
Undone - The Sweater Song (Australian Retail CD) track listing
"My Evaline"
Weezer (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2) track listing
"My Evaline"
Alternate cover
Cover of 2004 double-CD deluxe edition
Cover of 2004 double-CD deluxe edition

"My Evaline" is the third track from the deluxe edition of Weezer's self-titled debut album and is a B-side to the Australian retail CD release of "Undone - The Sweater Song".



"My Evaline" was recorded at the same Summer 1994 session, engineered by Paul duGre, that yielded "Mykel & Carli" and "Susanne". Because Rivers was writing harmonies too complex to be performed, the band took harmony classes and rehearsed barbershop quartet harmonies. Rivers chose the traditional song "My Evaline" as a "homework song" for the band, but when it was recorded, it came out so well that they thought it would be cool to release it as a B-side. It is erroneously labeled on the "Undone" single as "Sweet Adeline", another well-known, traditional song often peformed by barbershop groups. It is also the first 'cover' song the band released officially. Inexplicably, the track was included only on the scarce Australian editions of the "Undone" single, and omitted from the more common UK and European pressings. Thankfully for fans who'd missed out, it was resurrected for the 2004 Deluxe Edition of The Blue Album.

For the summer issue of 1995 of the official Weezer fan club magazine, Weezine, Karl Koch wrote:
In an inexplicable error on the part of some Australian bloke, the CD's were released with no artwork inspection by the band (or I), and, you guessed it, they wrote "Sweet Adeline" instead of "My Avaline". I think they never bothered to correct it as CD singles are limited runs to start with. (I guess get 'em while you can). Note that England decided to replace "My Avaline" with "Holiday", making "My Avaline" an Australian exclusive at this writing.

He would correct himself in the following issue (fall 1995):
Well, now...first of all, I made an error in the discography, the actual title of the so-called "Sweet Adeline" song on the Australian 'Undone' CD's is "My Evaline", NOT "My Avaline" as I wrote.




My Evaline
Say you'll be mine
Won't you come and let me whisper in your ear?
Way down yonder in the old corn field
For you I pine
Sweeter than the honey
To the honey bee
I love you; say you love me
Meet me in the shade
Of the old apple tree

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