No Doubt

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No Doubt
No Doubt.jpg
No Doubt's current lineup, left to right:
Adrian Young, Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont
Background information
Origin Anaheim, CA
Years active 1986 - 2015 2024 - present
Genre(s) Alternative rock, Pop/rock
Label(s) Interscope (1990-1993)
Trauma Records (1993-2000)
Interscope (2001-2015)
Former Members
Gwen Stefani
Tom Dumont
Tony Kanal
Adrian Young
Eric Stefani
John Spence
Chris Leal
Gabriel Gonzalez
Alan Meade
Tony Meade
Jerry McMahon
Chris Webb
Paul Caseley
Eric Carpenter
Don Hammerstedt
Alex Henderson
Phil Jordan

No Doubt is a pop, ska and rock band from Anaheim, California who rose to fame in the mid 1990's with their breakout album "Tragic Kingdom". The band consisted of members Gwen Stefani (vocals), Tony Kanal (bass), Tom Dumont (guitar) and Adrian Young (drums). They released six albums to date with their newest and last album Push and Shove being released in 2012.

Connections to Weezer

  • Weezer opened for No Doubt on their 1997 Summer Tour.
  • In 2010, No Doubt bassist, Tony Kanal, co-wrote the Weezer song "Smart Girls"
  • Both bands have been produced by Ric Ocasek.
  • On August 15, 1997, drummer Adrian Young sat in with Weezer to play drums during "Buddy Holly" at the the Palace in Los Angeles, CA.
  • The members of No Doubt have mentioned being fans of Weezer in various interviews. On the official No Doubt website in 2002, each member listed albums that they were currently listening to. Drummer Adrian Young and guitarist Tom Dumont both listed Pinkerton and Kanal listed Maladroit.