Not Tonight

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"Not Tonight"
Not Tonight cover
Single by Matt Sharp & Maya Rudolph
Released August 4, 2004
Format digital
Length 3:12
Writer(s) Sara Quin
Status officially released

"Not Tonight" is a song written by Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara for the duo's 2002 album, If It Was You. In 2004, Matt Sharp and Maya Rudolph recorded a cover of the song as a gift to Sara Quin, subsequently releasing the track to fans online.


Sharp commented on the song in a note to fans from August 4, 2004[1]:

When she had a little time off from her crazy Saturday Night Live schedule. we got good and looped on coffee flavored tequila at the home of James and Laura Saez. I think this the most natural, at ease and relaxed I've ever heard Maya sound. that is why I wanted to share this rough mix with you.

we intially intended this to just be a gift for Sara. although, later I had the idea of putting out a polished version as a seven inch with a cover of "When I Get Up" on the flip side, I recorded a few versions of Tegan's song with Paul Dugre, but my guitar playing was rusty and I had just lost the plot in my own fumbling way.

so to not let that fine tequila drenched day go down in debt, i've included this ulta rough mix with my backround vocals and guitar, danny frankel on the drums and percussion, james saez at the engineering helm and tapping on the glockenspiel and miss rudy singing the lead vocal.



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