Peter No No No No No

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"Peter No No No No No"
Album Cherokee Riffs
Recorded 1989
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 34
Status unreleased
Cherokee Riffs track listing
Peter No No No No No
Funky HR-16 plus Bass Jam
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
Dear Woman
(RC# 33)
Peter No No No No No
(RC# 34)
Funky HR-16 plus Bass Jam
(RC# 35)

"Peter No No No No No" (listed in the Catalog O' Riffs as "Peter No No - Samples and Riffage") is a sound collage from the Rivers Cuomo demo Cherokee Riffs, recorded at Cuomo's apartment on Cherokee Ave. in Hollywood in 1989 (according to the Weezer Recording History) or 1990 (according to the Catalog O' Riffs).


Karl Koch described the demos from this period in the Recording History as Cuomo's "earliest attempts at recording his own stuff", "perhaps seeing something beyond the world of Zoom". On November 4, 2020, the song was listed on the work-in-progress demo storefront. The song was among 504 demos leaked online, a few days later, on November 7.

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