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This is for the social media platform. For the song originally named "Reddit", see "Here Comes the Rain".

Reddit is a social news aggregator and discussion website, founded in 2005. The website is divided into hundreds of thousands of user-generated discussion communities, or "subreddits". Multiple subreddits dedicated to Weezer have been created and see significant usage by fans.


[r/weezer on Reddit]

r/weezer is the oldest and most popular subreddit for Weezer discussion. It was created on September 21, 2010 by the user u/herenewiam. As of June 2023, the subreddit has 66.2K readers.

The subreddit has hosted community events such as "Ultimate Weezer Song Survivor", "Song of the Week", and a "Weezer Community Playlist", and was the home for an AMA with Karl Koch in 2013 and an AMA with ex-Weezer guitarist Jason Cropper in 2020. The Discord server Weezercord originally began as a companion to the subreddit.


[r/okbuddyholly on Reddit]

r/okbuddyholly is a subreddit for internet memes about Weezer. It was created on April 3, 2019 by the user u/CaptainPinkGuy. As of June 2023, the subreddit has 13.1K readers.

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