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Food & Beverage in Weezer Lyrics

Trying to find all of the food and beverage mentions in Weezer lyrics.

Food Song(s)
Aloo Gobi Aloo Gobi
Bacon El Scorcho
Bananas Midnight (Cardigan Disaster)
Blueberry Scones The Best of Me
Cake Piece of Cake
Candy Pork and Beans
Cannoli Thank God For Girls
Cheese Dope Nose
Cheese fondue I'm Your Daddy
Chiclet Let It All Hang Out
Chocolate Ice Cream Troublemaker
Cookies Too Many Thoughts In My Head
Fair Trade Chocolate Bars The Tower of Babel
Grapes The Best of Me and Grapes of Wrath
Happy Meal I've Had It Up To Here
Hi-Chews Byzantine
Ice cream Put Me Back Together; Piece of Cake
Jello El Scorcho
Lamb Dope Nose
Meat (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Meatloaf (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Pie Piece of the Pie
Popcorn Thank God For Girls
Pork and Beans Pork and Beans
Pretzel In the Mall
Rotten eggs Everybody Get Dangerous
Salad The Best of Me
Sandwiches Sandwiches Time
Sauvignon grapes Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Sugar The Good Life
Turkey El Scorcho
Beverage Song(s)
Beer Surf Wax America; Slob; King; Up in the Clouds
Coke In The Mall
(Grey)Goose(vodka) Can't Stop Partying
Heine(ken) Say It Ain't So
Kool-Aid Zombie Bastards
Lemonade L.A. Girlz; Can't Knock the Hustle
Lime and coconut Happy Hour
Nectar All My Friends Are Insects
OJ and champagne Beach Boys
Patron Can't Stop Partying
Sprite Piece of Cake
Tea My Name is Jonas; The Good Life
Vitamin water, energy flavor Let It All Hang Out
Wine The Bottle of Wine Song

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Future Projects

I mentioned some upcoming projects in chat on December 7, 2020. There's Small Project, Big Project 1 (on hold), Big Project 2, VW, OKH, Next 3, Next 4, and my Barry Manilow solo album. There's the video game song. The fav band cover song. Well nowadays I just work on Next 4.

December 9, 2020; I got Jake's comments on the first draft of next three.

January 6, 2021; I just turned in the first draft of next4 to Jake. It's going to be the most difficult of all 4 albums to get right but we're off to a great start.

January 26, 2021; in the LA Times article, I referenced a movie-musical I'm working on about the life of Buddha, tentatively titled "Buddha Superstar." Also, there are two other album ideas: one tentatively titled “Happy Chill", in the style of "Island in the Sun"; another evokes Franz Ferdinand or the Clash, "dance music, but it feels like a band.”

On January 30, 2021, I chatted in the hood about what the Cuomilow (Manilow-esque) album could be; it would be mostly songs about romantic relationships. And mostly ballads. More sophisticated in terms of chord progressions and key changes. Also more lush orchestra rather than Abbey road retro strings. I was thinking of it as my first solo record rather than a band record.

Weezer Seasons

In several separate interviews, I talk about the idea of possibly doing a collection of four seasonally-based, themed albums. In i news UK on January 21st I mention that in 2022, I want to release four seasonal albums, each with corresponding theme (“Happy, chill, stress-free for spring, lots of Elliott Smith-style loss and sadness for winter, and maybe fall could be dance-rock, like Franz Ferdinand”).

Then in NPR on January 29th, I elaborate that we're pretty sure the next idea is going to be called "Seasons," and it's a four-album collection. Each of the four albums comes out on the first day of the relevant season, and each album will have a very different musical and lyrical theme. Spring can be a very breezy, carefree acoustic-type album, whereas fall is going to be dance rock. So I've got the four folders going in Dropbox. I'm having a great time.

On February 9, 2021 in an interview in The Forty Five, I give a few more details on this project, that we're working on a four-album set right now. I think they’re going to be eight songs a piece. They’re called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and together they’re called Weezer Seasons; and the first one will drop on the first day of spring 2022.

February 16, 2021: Aww yeah jake loves dorothy from summer

Buddha Superstar

In that same February 9, 2021 interview in The Forty Five, I confirmed that I am working on a movie-musical called Buddha Superstar with the Broadway producer responsible for the Green Day musical. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I think I just needed somebody else to come along and really encourage me.

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