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I don't think I ever did a baby demo. Baby wasn't home [Homie] anyway. It was Lovely.

I just have the same live bootlegs that everyone else has.

It was for my side project called lovely. Not homey [Homie].

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Frank Cuomo

My dad. My parents divorced when I was about 4.

Like his father, my father was violently assaulted in his 70's. In 2018, while I was in Denver on the Pixies tour. While coming home from work in the train station in downtown LA he was punched https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knockout_game Broken jaw. Hasn't been able to eat solid food since. Dramatic weight loss and cognitive decline.


Further Reading:
Anthony Cuomo

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Most Wanted Demos

A list of the most wanted demos is available for viewing here. This list is maintained by users of the site, using fan request polls and feedback from Rivers about the availability of each demo.

Please contact users geewiz, King Tom, or Tiffany for more information.

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Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood

Programming this website has been unbelievably fun for me, since day 1. That being said, I want to limit my time working here to 4-6 hours a day, so I still have time to work on new music. That means I can't add new features as quickly as I'd like.

Thanks to all the HTML/CSS heroes who are helping with everyone's account pages. The pages are beautiful and interesting.

Here is my to-do list. Feel free to add to it.

There are some common features I don't plan to implement, such as likes, followers, visit counters, private messages, and friends.

Also, there's a great song on ok human about the destructiveness of number watching. (It's called 'Numbers') It will probably clarify my emotions about this issue.

Further info:
The Social Dilemma
Humane Tech

this is all debatable by the way.

See also:
Profile Pages
Riverpedia, aka The Library
The Market
Song List, a list of all songs in The Market.

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Songs by users of riverscuomo.com


Amber Sage (vixen) - All I Wanted

BenevolentDonut - Colette

bluto - Ugly & Beautiful

Dan (bleed) - Joan of Arc (Demo)

Daniel Gasparini - Shake It Out

jbloss1233 - China Dolls

justinho - Abigail Foster's Photosynthesis Machine Discography

M3D - I Don't Know Your Name (Demo)

Marjolaine - Sarah and Thea

omelettetdq3z - Fern

ourruseoffools - Oil's Dry

Ryan Velvet - Genevieve, la Vie!

souptheman - I Believe

stgrunu - Cecilia

Sugarcubes - 10101 (Will the Starship)

Sugarcubes - I'm Going to Die Tonight

Technicolor Riots (mike) - Basic/Caustic

Wow Bob Wow - Bayonet

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Spell It Out

It was written for OK Human*, but we ended up cutting it back in September 2020.

I mentioned its possible inclusion on the next, next, next album (after Van Weezer and OK Human), which will be more acoustic.

*I stated this in chat on 10-9-20

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