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Future Projects

I mentioned some upcoming projects in chat on December 7, 2020. There's Small Project, Big Project 1, Big Project 2 (on hold), VW, OKH, Next 3, Next 4, and my Barry Manilow solo album. There's the video game song. The fav band cover song. Well nowadays I just work on Next 4.

December 9, 2020; I got Jake's comments on the first draft of next three.

January 6, 2021; I just turned in the first draft of next4 to Jake. It's going to be the most difficult of all 4 albums to get right but we're off to a great start.

Small Project

Status: Completed
Small Project was the Space Between soundtrack.

Next 3 & Next 4 (Now SZNS).

Status: In progress
Next 3 and Next 4 were concepts for future Weezer albums. These morphed into part of the SZNS project. SZNS is in the demo phase, but we hope to record in the studio in September. More info on SZNS can be found here

In several separate interviews, I talk about the idea of possibly doing a collection of four seasonally-based, themed albums. In i news UK on January 21st I mention that in 2022, I want to release four seasonal albums, each with corresponding theme (“Happy, chill, stress-free for spring, lots of Elliott Smith-style loss and sadness for winter, and maybe fall could be dance-rock, like Franz Ferdinand”).

Then in NPR on January 29th, I elaborate that we're pretty sure the next idea is going to be called "Seasons," and it's a four-album collection. Each of the four albums comes out on the first day of the relevant season, and each album will have a very different musical and lyrical theme. Spring can be a very breezy, carefree acoustic-type album, whereas fall is going to be dance rock. So I've got the four folders going in Dropbox. I'm having a great time.

On February 9, 2021 in an interview in The Forty Five, I give a few more details on this project, that we're working on a four-album set right now. I think they’re going to be eight songs a piece. They’re called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and together they’re called Weezer Seasons; and the first one will drop on the first day of spring 2022.

February 16, 2021: Aww yeah jake loves dorothy from summer

March 25, 2021: I posted an image to my IG account showing a handwritten "SZNS", and captioned it 2022

Big Project #1

Status: Simmering
After SZNS, Big Project #1 is my next priority. It will be a collaboration with another artist of my generation, but not one of my medium. It was originally categorized as a "project" because, like Buddha Superstar, it's not an album. Although it appears like it will now be an album first.

Buddha Superstar (aka Big Project #2)

Status: On Hold (As of 8.16.2021).

In that same February 9, 2021 interview in The Forty Five, I confirmed that I am working on a movie-musical called Buddha Superstar with the Broadway producer responsible for the Green Day musical. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I think I just needed somebody else to come along and really encourage me.

Barry Manilow Solo Album

Status: Unknown
I'd like to do a Barry Manilow type solo album. Crushing emotional ballads with and orchestra. Maybe that'll be the next next next next next next next album in 8 years or so.
I haven't brought it up to my manager.
I'm not really interested in doing a solo album of standards.
On January 30, 2021, I chatted in the hood about what the Cuomilow (Manilow-esque) album could be; it would be mostly songs about romantic relationships. And mostly ballads. More sophisticated in terms of chord progressions and key changes. Also more lush orchestra rather than Abbey road retro strings. I was thinking of it as my first solo record rather than a band record.

Further Reading:

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Solo Album

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Setlist Survey

I created a survey to get updated fan favorite song data to determine setlists for future tours. You can access the survey by clicking the hamburger menu in the lower right corner of your navigation screen and selecting the survey option. The interface is real clumsy right now but the basic functionality works. You might want to do a few songs each day, or feel free to wait until I make it more powerful and user-friendly. The survey will always be up.


Just a reminder for everyone inquiring about demos being included in the survey: we can already see demo ratings in the SONG LIST spreadsheet. For example here are the top rated with more than 10 ratings:

  1. 08 Miss Sweeney 2
  2. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams - SFTBH
  3. The Rules Of Life - v14
  4. Thrown It All Away
  5. Bless The Whole Wide World - v12
  6. 12 Pig 2
  7. Anonymous - v24
  8. The Purification of Water - Monterey Jack
  9. Since You Came Around - v15
  10. Everybody Needs Salvation - v14
  11. Surfer Girl - Don Slacks

So if I every wanted to perform a demo-only fan-favorite song, I'd pick one of those. That list is not a definitive best of demos list. It is just an example of how I can use your ratings to find the most in-demand songs. I will be more thoughtful if I actually do it.

Using the Survey

There are four tiers to rank songs, A, B, C, and D. Choose 10 songs in each tier except D (basically 90% will be D’s). A-tier songs are the songs you most want to hear, and will be worth more points in my formula.
For now there is no save button—it should auto save every change you make and it will always be there when you come back. You can keep rating for the rest of my career. They don't have to be final verdicts—you can keep updating the list according to what you want to see at the next show you attend.
To avoid bias, the songs are listed randomly instead of being sorted by album or era—and should always be a new random order. Demos aren’t listed because if I want to include a demo on a setlist I can look at the star ratings in the player here.


This survey is mostly to determine setlists for solo shows. Most Weezer shows will not have room for anything other than greatest hits. We might have room for one or two fan favs in which case this sort of data would be very helpful. As I've said, the only data I have now is a decade old. The survey is live and I’m already feeding the results into my setlist spreadsheet. I haven’t finalized how the survey will aggregate and display results yet, but I think it will just be a 'fan_rating' column in my setlist spreadsheet.

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