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Douglas Park

Local park in Santa Monica. We filmed a performance of I’m Your Daddy here in 2009. Then in 2012, I also did a Scott & Rivers mini-performance in the park for a small handful of fans. We were trying out new songs at the time. It was walking distance from our old house. Many great memories with the kids there. Lots of ducks. A creek. Lawn bowling.

google maps view here

2012 Scott & Rivers in the pond 2012 Scott & Rivers with ducks 2012 Scott & Rivers sitting on the grass 2012 Scott & Rivers group shot with fam and friends

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Goat Punishment

A pseudonym for Weezer when I wanted to do secret shows in 2000.

We did an all Oasis set and an all Nirvana set.

Mikey came up with the name when a cab driver asked him what the name of his band was.

We were able to get out of our management contract because our manager broke the law when he booked the GP shows himself (instead of going through our agent.)

After 20 years since the last one, we played a GP show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA on September 19, 2022. We did all of SZNZ Winter live for the first time; along with some other surprises, including practicing "What Happens After You" from Autumn for a Kimmel performance.

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Kyoko Ito. My wife. Met her at The Middle East Downstairs then at TT & The Bears in Cambridge, Massachusetts in November, 1997.

Her father is Harutoshi. Mother is Kimiko. Sister is Yoriko.

She's from Kumamoto, Japan. About a 2 hour flight from Tokyo.

She went to Junior College in Nagasaki. Santa Monica College. Then graduated from UCLA with a degree in design.

By the way, this is our song.

It was playing when I proposed to her. I first heard it on a drive through the Kumamoto countryside to get to Mt. Aso.

02/14/2022 Look what kyoko made me.

Kyoko's 2022 Valentine drawing for RIvers

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