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Riverpedia archive - 11/07/2020

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Mikey Welsh

Mikey was Weezer’s second bassist. I met him at the legendary Fort Apache studio in Cambridge in '95 or so? I was working on B-sides. He was playing for Juliana Hatfield at the time.

He first started playing with me in '97 in Boston, during the band’s hiatus. I saw him performing at a Boston club (the Paradise) in a Kyuss cover band. I recruited him and the drummer Zeph to help me with a batch of songs. I wasn't sure if this was going to be the next Weezer album or a new band. (I considered naming it 'Lovely'. He officially joined the weezer in '98.

He appeared on the Christmas CD and The Green Album. However, his very first appearance on a Weezer song was our cover of Velouria recorded in ‘98 and released in ‘99. He left the band in 2001 but played live with us for a couple songs during two shows in 2010 and 2011.

After Weezer, he retired from music to focus on art. He was pretty amazing artist. He lived with his wife and two kids in Vermont.

He's the one who came up with the name Goat Punishment.

He died at the age of 40, in October 2011.

Sometimes I wonder what Mikey would be like in 2020. He had such a punk spirit that loved to outrage the establishment.


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