Speak Easy

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Speak Easy
Speak Easy cover
Studio album by Daniel Brummel
Released September 27, 2005
Length 46:51
Label Coptic Records
Daniel Brummel chronology
Speak Easy
Switched-On Scarlatti

Speak Easy is the first solo album by Daniel Brummel. The album was mastered by Greg Paul, tracks 3 and 8 have Corey Fogel playing percussion.

Daniel on Speak Easy

Daniel speaking about Speak Easy on Myspace in 2005[1]:

I never met my grandmother Ramona Brummel -- she died before I was born -- so I was very excited to move her piano out of storage and into my garage studio. This is the piano I first took lessons on at age 6, so its tone is dependable and comforting to me. I spent many late nights with the piano's lid popped open, letting my voice sit right there in the wood with the 4-foot strings, as my grandmother must have done many years ago... singing the old songs, the folk songs, the songs I'm sure my grandma knew.

One night my housemates and I (a bunch of grubby musicians) threw a party which, after consumption of much alcohol, morphed into something like a speakeasy. In the early morning, a dozen of us banged out pub songs in joyous revelry, so drunk we were screaming like werewolves and pulling out our hair. After all the guests had gone, and only my close friends remained, I explained to Ezra, Laura, and Emily the belief that my grandmother's spirit resonated in my piano, and that F-sharp below middle C was her soul tone (that note has a broken damper; any time you touch the key it sustains indefinitely). At the exact moment that the words come out of my mouth and I played the F-sharp to demonstrate, we heard the same tone fill the entire house, coming from the living room. Ezra explained that he had left his mp3 player shuffling randomly, and the piece we were hearing was an electronic composition he had made some years ago, which coincidentally would drone for more than twenty minutes... on my grandmother's note: F-sharp.

"Speak Easy" is dedicated to Ramona Brummel. Independent CD/vinyl release to come.

Daniel Brummel, [citation needed]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Mr. Brown"   2:39
2. "São Paulo"   2:51
3. "Mystery of the Cathedrals"   5:02
4. "Coo Coo Bird"   4:03
5. "Health and Happiness"   2:36
6. "Mourning Song"   2:26
7. "Misadventures in Stride"   2:23
8. "Language of the Birds"   6:45
9. "Banks of the Ohio"   3:56
10. "Blindman's Song"   2:41
11. "O Death"   6:11
12. "Barbara Allen"   5:12
Total length:

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