The Greenville News article - August 6, 1994

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Publication The Greenville News
Interviewee Matt Sharp
Interviewer Fred Shuster
Date August 6, 1994
Title Weezer sings about breakup
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Associated concert Weezer concert: 08/08/1994
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Weezer sings about breakup
Author: Fred Shuster (The Greenville News)
Published: August 6, 1994

Bassist Matt Sharp of the young band Weezer won't say much about the album track "Undone - The Sweater Song," which has popped up on new-rock radio playlists around the country.

"It's about the breakup of a relationship, like many of our songs," he said. "We'd been playing it in clubs for about two years. It's always been a popular tune in our set. It was kind of obvious that the record company would emphasize that track."

Sharp and his band mates in Weezer — singer Rivers Cuomo, guitarist Brian Bell and drummer Patrick Wilson — appear Monday at Glam Slam in downtown Los Angeles.

"I think we have an energy level on stage," Sharp said. "That's what we try for anyway."

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