The Miranda interview with Karl Koch - October 22, 2010

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Digital interview with Karl Koch
Publication The Miranda (Link)
Interviewee Karl Koch
Interviewer Jarett Hartman
Date October 22, 2010
Title Karlophone makes sound track for “the movie in your head”
Format Digital
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An article on Weezer archivist/roadie/webmaster Karl Koch's solo musical endeavor Karlophone was published in the Rio Americano High School student publication The Miranda on October 22, 2010. It features some interview material with insight on the creation of Press Any Key to Begin, I Must Find This Karlophone..., as well as the unreleased third Karlophone album.


Karlophone makes sound track for “the movie in your head”
Author: Jarett Hartman (The Miranda)
Published: October 22, 2010

Karl Koch describes himself as the man who makes music to listen to late at night while driving alone. For a little over a decade, Koch has gone by the alias of Karlophone.

“I realized I was making music that I would like to try and release around 2000 or so," Koch said. "Before that, I was recording music, but did not have a solid understanding of a direction or sound that I felt sure about."

The music is written, played, and recorded solely by Koch, with sampled pieces layered seamlessly with his own recordings.

"I gather tons of samples and then I start adding other instruments once I have a structure I like."

Finding records that peak Koch's interest is instrumental in the creation of Karlophone's sound and overall feel.

Koch, who "buys and listens to old albums constantly," plays a large part in the creative process for writing and sculpting his songs.

"I listen for moments and sounds I can use. I have no rules, but generally older recordings have the sounds I like."

Koch, who has released two records as Karlophone, has a third to be released in spring of next year. He saw his debut with 2002's "Press Any Key To Begin."

"Some of ["Press Any Key"] dates to about 1998, but as I said it wasn't until about 2000 that I realized I had something coming together as an album. So it was really like two or three years of on and off work."

Work on Karlophone's second album, "I Must Find This Karlophone...," began immediately after the debut was released. Work progressed through 2003 and 2004, but due to obligations with rock-band Weezer, work came to a halt in 2005. Work on the album was finished in 2006 and released in 2007.

Koch considers the album more refined from his debut with less moments of self-proclaimed "embarrassment and musical clumsiness."

Similar to the "I Must Find..." beginnings, work began on Karlophone's third album in early 2007, shortly after Karlophone's sophomore release.

With his third release, Koch hopes to deliver an album full of new ideas with a familiar feel.

"I'm hoping for surprises that don't break from my overall style and vibe, but also more of some of the 'usual' type of stuff on 'I Must Find...'"

Keep an eye out for a new Karlophone release next year.

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