Press Any Key to Begin

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Press Any Key to Begin
Press Any Key to Begin cover
Studio album by Karlophone
Released Fall 2002
Format CD, digital
Recorded 19962002
Genre Experimental, Techno
Length 47:29
Label Amorphous Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch
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Karlophone chronology
Press Any Key to Begin
I Must Find This Karlophone...

Press Any Key to Begin is the debut album by Karl Koch under his moniker Karlophone. It was released in Fall 2002 under Koch's own record label, Amorphous Records.


This is the first album released by Koch under the Karlophone name, and is the result of numerous years of work and experimentation which originally began in 1996. It consists primarily of sampled audio from Koch's personal collection of music and audio, however it also features (uncredited) drum work by Pat Wilson.[1] On the "Bio" section his website, Koch writes about the release of this album:

After a few hundred rather repetitive hours of tape was laid down, and a few thousand records were dug into, the first Karlophone album "Press Any Key To Begin" took shape, finally seeing release in fall 2002. It was perhaps a bit premature, but anyone hoping to release a CD must recognize the 'no time like the present' rule - you could keep refining what you got forever, or you can finish it and start new songs. In any event, "Press" was released to a small appreciative audience, and gained some positive reviews, notably a nice write up in France's Rock Sound magazine, and an A- review at In Music We Trust, in 2003.

Karl Koch,[2]

Additionally, on the Amorphous Records listing for the album, he writes:

There are some fantastic underground producers on the scene these days, and unfortunately I don't know those guys. So here's what I've been coming up with...If I can get anyone to smile when they hear this stuff, then I've done my job for the day.

Karl Koch, Amorphous Records[3]

The album released on CD through Koch and Pat Finn's label Amorphous Records, as well as on digital music streaming platforms. According to the Collectors Discography, 1000 CDs were pressed. It had one single, "Desire", which received a standalone 7"-vinyl release later in 2004 under the same label.

The album's cover art is taken from the March 1998 cover of the magazine publication National Geographic.[4]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Introduction"   1:04
2. "Goodbye, Sweetheart"   4:39
3. "Computer Rock"   4:24
4. "Peanuts"   4:45
5. "Animal"   3:58
6. "All Kinds of Talk"   5:04
7. "That's Right"   4:35
8. "I Do Beleive"   4:31
9. "F*** Off Me!"   4:58
10. "Mystic Droid"   5:03
11. "Desire"   4:34
Total length:


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