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Amorphous Records
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Background information
Years active 2000present
Website Official website
Associated acts
Organic Mechanic
Southern Fried Swing
Original Amorphous Records logo (20012003)

Amorphous Records is an independent record label founded in 2000 by Karl Koch and Pat Finn. Its roster primarily includes the two's personal musical projects, or the projects of their friends and bandmates; it has released music by Organic Mechanic, Karlophone, Skuraiipeare, Southern Fried Swing, and Sonnyboy. According to label lore, its executive director is a mysterious fellow by the name of Blantiss Fliangshemp.


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Fictional lore

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Release catalog

Title Artist Year Catalog #
Organic Mechanic Organic Mechanic 2001 AR 001
Press Any Key to Begin Karlophone 2002 AR 002
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound Southern Fried Swing 2003 AR 003
Snow Lust (unreleased) Skuraiipeare AR 004
Dad Eye Sonnyboy 2003 AR 005
"Desire" (7"-vinyl single) Karlophone 2004 AR 006
I Must Find This Karlophone... Karlophone 2007 AR 007

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