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Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra

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Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra
Background information
Origin Sacramento, CA
Years active 1998
Former Members
Karl Koch
Pat Finn
Brendan Finn

The Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra (abbreviated as MJTSAO) was a musical trio between Karl Koch, Pat Finn, and Finn's little brother Brendan active during 1998.


In 1998, following the remarriage of Pat Finn's step-grandmother—whose new husband (described by Karl Koch as a "crazy horse trainer/church singer/weed smoker longhair guy") had built a music studio east of Sacramento, California—he, Koch, and his little brother Brendan secured studio recording time and created a number of demos together under the Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra name. Pat played guitar and bass, Brendan performed vocals, and Koch sampled audio from various artists and films (similar to how he would later produce music under his Karlophone moniker).

While numerous demos were recorded in the studio, only a single song, "Can't Justify", would eventually be made public. It was added to the "other" section inside the website of Finn and Koch's record label, Amorphous Records, in 2002.[1] Of the song (and broadly, of the trio), Koch has said:

The MJTSAO (?!?) was me, Pat Finn, and his little brother Brendan Finn (vocals), recording at this bizarre studio up in the mountains east of Sacramento in 1998. Pat Finns step grandmother remarried this crazy horse trainer/church singer/weed smoker longhair guy who took her $ and built a studio. so we finagled time there. Pat played guitar and bass, i sampled drums from Jimi Hendrix, vocals from Robin Williams and "Planet Of The Apes", and Brendan laid down a super cool vocal track, semi improvised, but smooth as butter. I forgot we actually uploaded it back then!! We did other songs too, using the massive Hammond C-3 organ with a real rotating leslie speaker cabinet.

- Karl Koch, Weezerpedia Discord Q&A with Karl Koch (September 26, 2022)

Pat and Koch had previously worked together on the similarly obscure duo Skuraiipeare, and would continue collaborating on music together in Southern Fried Swing.

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