Southern Fried Swing

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Southern Fried Swing
Background information
Years active 1992 - present
Label(s) Amorphous Records
Website (archive)
Current Members
Karl Koch
Patrick Wilson
Pat Finn
The group's debut album, Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound

Southern Fried Swing is a collaboration between Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson and webmaster Karl Koch.


Southern Fried Swing began in 1992, when Wilson and Koch (occasionally joined by friend Pat Finn) would record countless songs while touring with Weezer throughout the '90s. These recordings were often done in hotel rooms and on buses, whilst also utilizing low-quality beginner keyboards acquired from thrift stores, Salvation Armys, and Radio Shacks. This combination of weirdness and low-quality equipment made for incredibly strange, yet unique songs.

The group has only one full release to date, Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound, released through Koch's record label, Amorphous Records, in 2003. It was sold as a handmade CD and was limited to only 111 copies. Along with this album was a single released on the group's Amorphous Records page (and later their MySpace page), "Angel Wings".

There is a significant amount of unreleased material from the band, detailed on the Amorphous Records website and mentioned by Koch, which could likely have made up a second Southern Fried Swing album. However, no such album has been released.

ah, southern fried swing. it all began back in l.a circa '93. karl and i were roomates and we had built this very strange studio in our living room. pat wilson was gainfully unemployed and spent a lot of time over improvising on the various instruments laying about. one day karl got out his little handheld recorder and recorded pat playing guitar to our little casio's auto rhythm section, and they started to tell strange tales of men from far away lands that would end up in shopping malls or working at the christmas tree factory. after the whole weezer thing took off and they were on the road these techniques were used by pat and karl to amuse themselves while the rest of the guys were off doing rock things. eventually they had amassed a huge pile of tapes utilizing whatever techniques were at their diposal, some very lo-tech and some very hi-tech. karl has edited these recordings and plans to unleash them on the world when he is good and ready.

Pat Finn,[1]


Three well-known rules govern the actions and mythos of the band. These rules are as follows:[citation needed]

The first rule of Southern Fried Swing: There is no Southern Fried Swing.

The second rule of Southern Fried Swing: There won't be a Southern Fried Swing.

The third rule of Southern Fried Swing: Hey, check out that Southern Fried Swing!




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In a post on AllThingsWeezer made on July 9, 2014, Koch teases numerous Southern Fried Swing songs which the group "[sings often], but they arent on tape... yet".[2]

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