Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound

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Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound cover
Studio album by Southern Fried Swing
Released 2003
Length 51:53
Label Amorphous Records

Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound is the debut and only album by Southern Fried Swing.


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Southern Fried Swing is a duo consisting of Karl Koch and Pat Wilson. This album was released on Koch's self-ran label Amorphous Records, and was sold on handmade CDs in a limited quantity of 111 copies. Tracks 21 through 24 are bonus tracks included on the final track of the CD.

Website description

Amorphous Records provides a brief description of the album:

Jazzy soul from SFS -- breezing along with all the tight finish of their earlier work, heading towards more modern soul territory than before, but still retaining all the fusion grooves that inform their roots -- kind of in a summation of the breezy style of the San Francisco scene of the 70s, but more professionally put together than most of that city's indie groups. Mlefuffia Durla'a is on lead vocals -- and tracks don't include "Sound Rainbow", "Follow Your Wind", "Hold Onto Love", "Free", "Imagine", nor "Enchanted Dance". Tracks do include the Bruneiian hit singles "Naked Breasts" , "Sir Galahad", and "Crap of a Lifetime". limited to 111 handmade numbered copies!

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "You're the Best!"   2:08
2. "Cutting Tyles"   2:21
3. "The Statue"   1:12
4. "Wax My 'Stache"   0:28
5. "Naked Breasts"   2:52
6. "We Come in Peace"   1:54
7. "Tractor Heaven"   2:50
8. "Farm Love"   1:04
9. "Sir Galahad"   2:08
10. "Book Report"   2:03
11. "When Is Your Land?"   1:49
12. "The Lesson"   1:27
13. "Crap of a Lifetime"   1:44
14. "Gang of Tanqueray"   2:48
15. "Poisoned Corn"   1:28
16. "Texas Horse Clinic"   1:29
17. "Reanoint"   2:37
18. "Kraft Work"   1:43
19. "Services"   2:07
20. "Wouldja"   2:26
21. "Sheep's Bladder (The Calling)"   3:36
22. "Bat Loaf Ham"   2:36
23. "9021place"   2:55
24. "Whip Bang"   3:58
Total length:



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