Snow Lust

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Snow Lust
Snow Lust cover
Studio album by Skuraiipeare
Released 2003 (not released to public)
Label Amorphous Records

Snow Lust is an unreleased album by Skuraiipeare, a fictional duo conceived by Karl Koch and Pat Finn. It was added to the Amorphous Records website in 2003.


Snow Lust is the only known album to have been created by Skuraiipeare. It was released under the Amorphous Records record label and has an official catalog number (AR 003), however it has never been available for purchase. This is, according to the label's site, because all copies were "seized by border control". No audio from the album, nor a track list, publicly exist. A cover for the album is available on the Amorphous Records website, inside The Catalog.

The album recieves a review from the Amorphous Records executive director, Blantiss Fliangshemp, in which he states:[1]

"What is Skkkraipr? The guardians of a lost culture? Madmen? Songs about Grandma Kluskie's ram's milk and molded cabbage chips are filled with an intensity that I sense today's jaded culture would "get into". Kluskinsutch and Gootch's unique and bizarre cultural backround permeates the music which is forced into a western model. The result is confusing and bizarre, but the adaptation of the 4/4 time signature brings the classic compositions of Ackhtennsfjyordland into the realm of intelligibility. They can be filed under: alt rock, world music, techno, new wave, disco and heavy metal. I look forward to getting them into a real recording studio."

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