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Animal cover
Album track by Karlophone
Album Press Any Key to Begin
Released 2002
Length 3:59
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Karl Koch
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Released
Press Any Key to Begin track listing
"All Kinds of Talk"

"Animal" is the fifth track off Karlophone's debut album, Press Any Key to Begin.


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Samples used

Location in song Source Author Album Year Link
The lyrics "You gotta come out every morning with me / I'll make you into an animal" Meatballs (film) Ivan Reitman 1979 link; 2:21
The lyrics "So it makes no sense just standing around / Come on young ladies and let's all get down / And have a ball y'all, and rock 'em all y'all" "Street Rap" (song) Busy Bee Wild Style 1983 link; 0:33

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