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Pictured: Forum founder Super NintenDEN next to Rivers Cuomo

The Special Goodness Board was an online bulletin board forum dedicated to Pat Wilson's band, the Special Goodness. It was created by Super NintenDEN and hosted on ezboard from early 2002 to late 2006. By its closing, the forum had 615 registered members. Notable posters included Karl Koch (as Karlophone), Pat Finn (as Blantiss Fliangshemp), and Pat Wilson himself.


Discussion on the forum consisted primarily of news surrounding Special Goodness releases and recordings, information about, bootlegs, and photos from the band's concerts, sightings of Special Goodness content in media and press, and—towards the end of the forum's life—reposts of news updates from the main Special Goodness website. The forum additionally had off-topic subforums where users regularly posted about unrelated subjects pertaining to their personal lives and interests.

Numerous audience bootlegs of the band's performances from around 2002 can be traced back to members of this forum; for example, their July 27, 2002 show in Columbia, MD was bootlegged by the user JustinS.[1] Additionally, many concert setlists which are otherwise undocumented were shared in this forum by members who attended and reviewed shows.

Although it was not actively used by band members, there are a handful of posts by notable people on the forum. On one occasion, Pat Wilson posted on the forum about the band's first show as part of Weezer's Enlightenment Tour.[2] On another, Pat Finn (who had played for the Special Goodness sporadically in the '90s) commented on a show he'd attended in Portland, and on the evolution of the band.[3] Karl Koch was registered on the board, although evidence of his posts remain obscure or unarchived.

The website was one of many fan-run internet forums for Weezer and its solo acts that existed throughout the mid-2000s, before the larger and more established All Things Weezer formed, and the decentralized nature of fansites faded.


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