The Special Goodness concert: 07/27/2002

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This article is about the Special Goodness' set. For the Weezer set from the same show, see Weezer concert: 07/27/2002.
The Special Goodness concert: 07/27/2002
Tour Weezer's Enlightenment Tour
Venue Merriweather Post Pavilion
Location Columbia, MD
Date July 27, 2002
Supporting acts The Special Goodness, AM Radio, and others
Headliner Weezer
The Special Goodness live show chronology
01/23/2002 - Santa Barbara, CA 07/27/2002 - Columbia, MD 07/29/2002 - Atlanta, GA
Set list for the show.
Photograph from the performance (via Karl's Corner).

The Special Goodness performed on the second stage at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 27, 2002, their first appearance on Weezer's Enlightenment Tour. The band was supported on the side stage by Rooney, Home Town Hero, and AM Radio, while Sparta and Dashboard Confessional opened for Weezer on the main stage. The show was bootlegged onto MiniDisc by an audience member and shared to TSG message boards, and later to All Things Weezer.[1] The fourth song played, "On We March" (or "On Oui March"), is an unreleased track that does not appear outside of Enlightenment Tour sets.

Set list

No. Title
1. "N.F.A."    
2. "Pay No Mind"    
3. "Inside Your Heart"    
4. "On We March" (Listed as "On Oui March" on set list)  
5. "Move It Along"    
6. "It's Only Natural" (Listed as "Organic" on set list)  
7. "Life Goes By"    
8. "Day in the Autumn"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 07/27/2002

After a steamy, T-storm threatening afternoon, the steamy, non-T-storm threatening evening got underway and the now 7(!) Enlightenment bands got down to business. The Special Goodness joined the tour for the first of 6 opening slot Side Stage appearences. They weren't foolin around, and the rock was brought in spades. Then Enlightenment newcomers Rooney delivered their second very well recieved set, and the action started on the main stage. There were some grumblings in the crowd about Spartas sound being bass-y and unclear tonight, but, as it happens at these large places, others seated elsewhere had no trouble with it at all. Overall it was a fine rock-packed evening, with a lot of smiling faces walking out at the end...

"...Well we just got back from the Maryland show and it kicked us in the dink. It was our second dosage of =w= so far this week, and it was definitely up to par with their Boston outting. (we want our wooden =w= back). We were thoroughly impressed with the Special Goodness' set as well... But we were unable to resist temptation, and... well... yea... we kinda stole Pat's beer off stage. Sorry Pat. But when we saw that Michelob Ultra just sitting there, glistening in the sunlight, it's days were numbered. When Weezer played Surf Wax, we were completley blown away. If =w= had only played El Scorcho, we would have seen the entire Pinkerton album in a week. Anyways, great show and we will be sure to check out the Weeze the next time they come to town." ---Dan (pablosan69), Rich, & Stevo

"...holy crap, the show tonight was freakn amazing!!!!! i didnt think it could top the midget tour..but it sure did!!!! i got to meet murph and atom from tsg and i said "hi" to pat!! also i took a pict with u karl!!! it was super! sparta was...ehh not to good. dashboard-i hate so i went to the barn and met some .COM people like bigheadjoe and maggidotcom!!! we had a great time untill it was time to check out weezer!!!!!! we headed to our seats and the show ROCKED! i was, unfortunatly, surrounded by a bunch of preps and they made fun of me b/c i was ROCKN' it the WHOLE time. but that didnt stop me, the show was SUPER!!! i cant belive we got the good life, i was sooooo wishing for it! thank god we did! and we got surf wax and OID which were GREAT! all in all a FAB show!!!!! all is on" ---weezechum91

"...just got back from the =w= show in DC...4 hour drive up, 4 hour drive back to big deal...i've done crazier stuff when it comes to the weez...I was the dude standing to the right of you during The Special Goodness and said something to you about the tall dude that was blocking your view while you were taping Pat...Anyways, this was my 26th =w= show dating back to '94 and out of all of them, this rocked out the best in every which way....unbelievable. later," ---jim

- Karl Koch


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