Thoughts from a Slow Train

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"Thoughts from a Slow Train"
Thoughts from a Slow Train cover
Album track by Matt Sharp
Album Matt Sharp (album)
Released 2004
Recorded 4212 Old Hillsboro Road, Leipers Fork, TN
Length 6:10
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Matt Sharp (album) track listing
"Let Me Pass"
"Thoughts from a Slow Train"
"After the Angels"

"Thoughts from a Slow Train" is the eighth track from the eponymous debut album by Matt Sharp.





Lyric sheet made by Bryan Bos, with photographs by Sharp

Awake and alone on a train
By a soft hand, you brushed across my face
From some station platform she waves
I wave back but I don't remember her name

My fake redhead hides in the garden
She had such harsh words about me but I never believed them
Deleela wants her chocolate fudge (Deleela)
Don't let anyone tell you that you talk too much

Angels drift in and away
Through your life on a slow train

The big-eyed painter, a bouncing German
She laughs so pure as we bowled over suave Frenchmen
My actress, with your baggage full of apologies (Marisol)
Why do I feel you've been abducted by Scientology? Oh, no

And Anna, my Brazilian princess
I nearly died when you said I was blessed with true tenderness
Yeah, Laura, she may laugh at this (Laura)
What's life like when you're a sweet and creamy feminist?

Angels drift in and away
Through your life on a slow train

Before I got to New York Penn
I started talking with a couple lesbian documentarians
We talked about our memories
They asked, when I die, what would be the one I'd choose to take with me

If I had to choose, what would it be?
Even the last few years have had a couple goddamn good memories
Room 54, Hotel Jardin (Monica)
If I had to choose, I'd live with you, in Room 54, tenderly

Angels drift in and away
Through your life on a slow train

On a slow train

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