To Benefit Petra Haden

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To Benefit Petra Haden
To Benefit Petra Haden cover
Single by Various Artists
Released July 1, 2003
Format 7" vinyl
Label Vegas Records
Producer(s) Andrew Bargeron, Ron Hall (compiled)
Jon Halperin (exec)

To Benefit Petra Haden is a double 7"-vinyl by Vegas Records, released to benefit musician Petra Haden, who accrued substantial medical bills following a hit-and-run accident in 2003. The release features a live recording of "Why Bother?" by Weezer as well as the previously unreleased song "Becoming You" by Kevin Ridel's band AM Radio, in addition to recordings by Phantom Planet, and Ben Kweller. Its cover artwork was done by Andrew Bargeron, who is credited with illustration work for numerous Weezer-related releases from the early 2000s. The records were printed in a large variety of colors, meaning most copies of the release are unique.

Track Listing

"Disc-A" (Weezer/AM Radio)

Side A: Weezer — "Why Bother?" (Live in Atlanta 7/29/02)

Side B: AM Radio — "Becoming You" (previously unreleased)

"Disc-B" (Phantom Planet/Ben Kweller)

Side A: Phantom Planet — "Always on My Mind" (London edit)

  • Recorded and mixed by Alex Greenwald and Chad Fisher

Side B: Ben Kweller — "It's Not Fair" (previously unreleased)

  • Recorded and mixed by Ben Kweller

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