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Weezer TV appearance: 07/05/2001 - Top of the Pops

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Weezer TV appearance: 07/05/2001
Date July 5, 2001
TV show Top of the Pops
Network BBC One
Venue Riverside Studios
Location London, United Kingdom
Aired July 13, 2001
Associated album Weezer (The Green Album)
Weezer live show chronology
07/04/2001 - London, United Kingdom 07/05/2001 (a) - London, United Kingdom 07/05/2001 (b) - London, United Kingdom
Weezer TV appearance chronology
06/12/2001 - London, United Kingdom 07/05/2001 - London, United Kingdom 07/27/2001 - Burbank, CA

Weezer performed "Hash Pipe" (under the title "Half-Pipe") at Riverside Studios for Top of the Pops on July 5, 2001.


Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 07/05/2001

...but for today the mood is both happy and sad- a very sucessful tour, ending all too soon! Today was chock full of activity. First we cruised over to the "Top of the Pops" studio, where the band was to perform "Hash Pipe" (as "Half Pipe" due to BBC censors). In the end it was a sucessful taping, but there were a number of unexpected technical glitches to overcome, and tensions ran high for a while till things were sorted out. Finally they did the song in front of the audience, they did a great job, and it looked and sounded terrific.

- Karl Koch


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