Weezer concert: 11/27/1994

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Weezer at Horizontal Boogie Bar

This gig was played with The Dambuilders as support. Interesting is that "My Name Is Jonas" and "Surf Wax America" were recorded at this concert and became b-sides for the Buddy Holly single.

The liner notes of the deluxe edition of The Blue Album summarized later:

"These were recorded in Rochester, NY, at the Horizontal Boogie Bar, on 11/27/1994, while an ice storm raged outside. Since the band had only recorded 4 studio b-sides, (including "Jamie" and the "My Evaline" experiment"), this created a b-side shortage by the time of the band's second single, "Buddy Holly". Weezer was in the midst of an endless "Blue Album" tour, which necessitated b-sides having to be "flown in" from live and acoustic performances."

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