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For the =W= logo, see Flying =W=.
The classic Weezer font, used on the original issues of Blue and Pinkerton, and on Maladroit and White
Pinkerton era variation
Green era variation (Sans Serif Book FLF)
Make Believe-Red era variation, a modernized version of the 'classic font'
Raditude/Hurley era variation (Red variation with a 3D stroke)
EWBAITE-present variation (MB/Red variation without glow)

The Weezer logo first appeared on the cover of The Blue Album, and has appeared on the majority of recordings released by Weezer since, as well as band merchandise.


The standard presentation of the band's name is in all lowercase characters of a custom font. Century Gothic is commonly used as a substitute for the official font, as the official logo font is not widely available. Karl Koch has gone on record claiming that the font used is a modified Futura Medium, although the font currently in use is a modified Futura PT Light.

Other official fonts

There are only very few instances in which the band's name has been officially presented in a font other than their official custom font. Most of these instances were during the Pinkerton era, when the original logo was supplanted by hand-written text such as on the cover of "The Good Life" single. However, the all-lowercase rule remained in effect. Later, someone at Geffen made a mistake when creating the cover for The Green Album, and used Sans Serif Book FLF instead of the normal Weezer font. Koch has gone on record as saying that this upset him greatly.

Album cover deviations

The cover art for Hurley contains no text, but a sticker placed on the CD case features the regular wordmark logo. The cover of Death to False Metal is also lacking Weezer's logo in any form, with the only text being the album's title. The cover art of OK Human features no text at all, and the back cover of the LP contains only its tracklist.

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