Weezerpedia Discord Q&A with Karl Koch - September 2022

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kitkat: I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but are/were there any plans for a Green Album deluxe edition/boxset? I know Blue and Pinkerton got them but it's been a while since those.

Karl: i absolutely have plenty of material for it but a certain lead singer is not very interested in revisiting unfortunately

September 26, 2022 6:03 PM (#karlification)

justinhoenke: Should the Weezerpedia Discord Server now come together and put together our own "GREEN ALBUM DELUXE" as a real life example for Mr. Cuomo to notice?

Karl: can supply the list (8-10 discs worth) of outtakes, dropped, and demos 1998-2001 that i gathered for the potential project. of course includes SS2K material because that what where things were originally headed

September 27, 2022 6:43 PM (#karlification)

eted: Speaking of early mixes (like my previous question), is there anything you could elaborate on regarding Dave Sitek's early mixes of The Black Album? I remember reading an interview that you did with the podcast We Are Weezer where you said that the earlier mixes were very eye-opening and that Pat in particular loved them. I'm just curious, as Black is a Weezer album I think is highly underrated and that stands to be better appreciated.

Karl: unable to elaborate due to 40 billion new weezer songs debuting since then and i cant keep track of everything without a much needed massive organizational project

September 26, 2022 6:05 PM (#karlification)

dylan (HMC): Karl, is the song "Everybody Go Away" from the Guitar Center comp CD a full-band demo or solo Rivers? I've always assumed it's the latter, but I don't know this to a certainty.

Karl: i think its "full band", but Rivers doing all the vocals and leads as overdubs. Why i think this i cant even remember. what a cool song, i forgot how much i dig it

September 26, 2022 6:07 PM (#karlification)

Moony B'deedle: will there ever be another run of Weezer Fan Club cards? I assume no for various reasons but I would die a happy man to have one in my wallet

Karl: current members (those who started new membership or renewed from 2014 onward) can always get a new card made. the instructions are in the weezer fan club app (viewable to aforementioned paid members). Note we have changed the structure around to make everyone "lifetime" - backdated to new 2014+ signups going forward.

September 26, 2022 6:10 PM (#karlification)

Donny: Who is singing this part in "El Scorcho" with Brian?

Karl: that be a beclowning

September 26, 2022 6:11 PM (#karlification)

Donny: It‘s an additional vocal buried in the multitracks. Found via Rock Band stems. People have been wondering for years who sings the part.

Karl: someone made that and claimed it was in the stems, then. that aint no body who worked on the album
or a Rock Band employee added it on the sly

September 27, 2022 8:37 AM (#karlification)

kitkat: It is in the stems. The stems also notably include a couple alternate takes from Rivers as well

Karl: then when they split it into stems, a Rock Band developer secretly added their own bad vocal as a weird easter egg. no other explanation makes sense. its not anyone who ever set foot in the studio during pinkerton, i can assure you.

September 27, 2022 6:37 PM (#karlification)

Moony B'deedle: mexican wedding or spike jonze IITS music video

Karl: well cant choose - Mikey in the wedding. Spike magic. wish they could have been as one!

September 26, 2022 6:12 PM (#karlification)

deckra: karl, do you still have the original images from the super-chrono? for some reason, a majority of the images included in the 1992-1993 super-chrono posts are entirely unarchived on weezerpedia. if they are present, they're in incredibly tiny thumbnail form.

Karl: pretty sure i got everything. there is only one "roll of film" that was "lost" ever, the first batch of pix i processed in 2000 (mikey and pat in santa suits). those thumbnails are all we got. everything else, i have. send requests

September 26, 2022 6:14 PM (#karlification)

Moony B'deedle: would there ever be a reprint of the Pinkerton Diaries for the fanclub?

Karl: i dont think so, only because it was a personal Rivers publication. If he wanted to reprint, he would.

September 26, 2022 6:15 PM (#karlification)

JohnnyDeformed1: Hey Karl! Did you keep the Chewie cutout from the Memories Tour? lol I was the one who brought him to the first night in LA

Karl: it was sacrificed to the crowd on the last night of the tour, much like the 90's one was. But I have a 3rd one i got and used in the VIP Museum (that explained the fate of the 2 predecessors)

September 26, 2022 6:16 PM (#karlification)

Jason B: Sorry to add to the pile-on here. Wondering if you have any documentation of That Dog's set from the M+C tribute show. Trying to build out our pages about that show. Hope you're well!

Karl: what a great question.... i may have video! remind me sometime. Im mid move so all is flux

September 26, 2022 6:17 PM (#karlification)

Moony B'deedle: @Karlophone have the negatives from the blue album shoot been lost? If not, why do all the vinyl releases of the blue album have such low resolution versions of the picture? And why do the releases that use the slightly different deluxe photo have such better quality?

Karl: general reply: every reissue is overseen by whoever is working at whichever label is licensing it at the time (and different people in different international offices), and often they dont have access to the right files (well they do, in theory, but dont know what they dont have). More specific: there is a master art file (physical) in Santa Monica at the Universal offices. I got to go through it when we did the deluxe CD edition. I had to painstakingly find the right Matt head lol. So, i assume sometimes the record gets licensed and the licensee doesnt do due diligence and fails to use the best possible master art. lame! PS Peter Gowlands photo negatives - i think we only "bought" the masters of the images used (blue cover, guys in front of fireplace, guys in front of white garden thingy), the rest stayed with his estate. He died about 15 years ago. I would love to see the outtakes....

September 26, 2022 6:24 PM (#karlification)

Burnst Jamp: Just discovered (and made a page for) this 2008 film that includes two of your songs! I had no clue this existed until now. Are there any other obscure pieces of media that include Karlophone/SFS/related tunes?

Karl: as far as i know theres no other film usage of any kp/sfs. i think youve covered all the discography items already. if anything occurs to me ill circle back as they say

September 26, 2022 6:25 PM (#karlification)

Burnst Jamp: What was this? From the original Amorphous Records site:

Karl: The MJTSAO (?!?) was me, Pat Finn, and his little brother Brendan Finn (vocals), recording at this bizarre studio up in the mountains east of Sacramento in 1998. Pat Finns step grandmother remarried this crazy horse trainer/church singer/weed smoker longhair guy who took her $ and built a studio. so we finagled time there. Pat played guitar and bass, i sampled drums from Jimi Hendrix, vocals from Robin Williams and "Planet Of The Apes", and Brendan laid down a super cool vocal track, semi improvised, but smooth as butter. I forgot we actually uploaded it back then!! We did other songs too, using the massive Hammond C-3 organ with a real rotating leslie speaker cabinet.

September 26, 2022 6:30 PM (#karlification)

thesweatersong: In Weezine 9 you stated that "Star Trek is weak when compared to, well, The Big Three..." (presumably meaning the first three Star Wars movies...) Has your opinion on this changed in the last 20 years

Karl: i only care for the 60's trek really. the lighting designer was a genius! he had like $4 per show and it always looks amazing. Star Wars is imperfect of course, but emotionally IV and V are my core. (VI not so much lol)

September 26, 2022 6:43 PM (#karlification)

aaronic: do you have the 04/07/1992 weezer flyers?

Karl: almost certainly. if i dont, i have the actual flyers so i can re-create images

September 26, 2022 6:45 PM (#karlification)

Burnst Jamp: Are you able to recall what this white shirt is? (from the 2012 Weezer cruise 'mini-museum'):

Karl: a Japanese woman who was a friend of RC's in the later 90s drew that cartoon, i think the overly affectionate dog represented her, and the upset bunny rabbit was RC. What i cant remember is why and when the image was turned into a shirt. I put it in that museum and i cant recall haha

September 27, 2022 6:35 PM (#karlification)

lord bambiraptor: Do you have any info you can share about that one song Pat ok human mix?

Karl: its the same sequence, and not very much different from the final mix (unless I'm forgetting something). It was just a blissed out 45 minute voyage, its how Pat heard it and he didnt want to chop it up. I loved it. Its sort of the "proper" way to hear the album, but much less convenient if you want a specific single song.

September 27, 2022 6:40 PM (#karlification)

notkarlophone: did it include the full length everything happens for a reason?

Karl: unable to confirm, would have to go back and compare now

September 27, 2022 6:44 PM (#karlification)