Your Machine

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"Your Machine"
Your Machine cover
Album track by that dog.
Album Old LP
Released 2019
Recorded 2016-2019 @ Kingsize Soundlabs; Park Oak Studios; The Boat; The Evergreen Stage; The Whiskey Kitchen
Length 2:57
Label UME
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Anna Waronker and that dog.
Status Released
Old LP track listing
"Your Machine"
"Just the Way"

"Your Machine" is the first track on that dog.'s fourth album Old LP.


Band commentary

Anna Waronker: The song “Your Machine” is about being a dreamer and how sometimes in life all we have left to do is wish and gamble without ever really knowing if we will sink or swim. There was a period in my life when I dedicated most of my time to writing for other artists. Pop artists primarily. Part of that experience was rewarding but a lot of it was very frustrating. Trying to break molds in that arena was difficult. Trying to get someone to respond was difficult. Musically, the song started out as a simple 6/8 ballad, but then I challenged myself to think a little more and a whole new arrangement popped in my head. This song is a great representation of the whole album. It is sweet and melancholic, with so many hints at that dog. from the before into that dog. now.

Consequence of Sound interview with Anna Waronker - October 3, 2019



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I am at your feet
I am at your mercy
On the edge of my seat
Believe me
There is nothing up my sleeve

I hope you know
Where I've been
How much I want to show you
What I can bring
And why I won't give in

Only time, time can tell
Cast a line, cast a spell
Throw a dime in a wishing well
Wish I live to tell (you)
Wish I live to tell (you)

I am incomplete
Impatiently awaiting your receipt
And graciously eating crumbs thrown at my feet

I hope you know what it means
For me to want to go in your machine
How I'll give it everything

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