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먼지가 되어

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"먼지가 되어"
Cover by Weezer
Writer(s) Song Moon-sang, Lee Dae-heon
Status Performed live

"Meonjiga Doeeo" (Korean: 먼지가 되어; translated as "Becoming Dust" or "I'll Become Dust") is a song written by Song Moon-sang with lyrics by Lee Dae-heon, and originally recorded by singer Lee Miki in 1987. The song was later popularized when it was covered by folk/rock singer Kim Kwang-seok. Weezer has covered the song (based on Kim's arrangement).


Weezer debuted a cover of the song at a concert in Icheon, South Korea in 2013, and performed it again in 2016 and 2019. Cuomo performed the song during a webinar with fans on the video conferencing platform Zoom on April 28, 2020.

In 2022, Cuomo confirmed that the band once produced a studio recording of the song, adding, "I'm not sure why the record company didn't want to put it out."[1]

Live performances



Korean lyrics

바하의 선율에 젖는 날이면
잊었던 기억들이 피어 나네요
바람에 날려간 나의 노래도
휘파람 소리로 돌아 오네요

내 조그만 공간 속에 추억만 쌓이고
까닭모를 눈물 만이 아른거리네

작은 가슴을 모두 모두어
시를 써봐도 모자란 당신
먼지가 되어 날아가야지
바람에 날려 당신 곁으로

English translation

When I'm soaked in melodies of Bach
Forgotten memories bloom again
My song that flew away in the winds
Come back to me as whistles

Memories pile up in my small room
Tears wet my eyes, but I don't know why

I gather my small heart together
And write a poem, but its not enough to describe you
I'll become dust and fly away
Fly away in the wind, to your side

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