AIM chat with Rivers Cuomo excerpts - January 11, 2002

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The following are excerpts from a chat that took place on AIM that were posted on the now defunct In the interest of posterity, they have not been edited for typographical errors by Weezerpedia. -megasnorkel

Rivers: we meet again!

Jason: so are you going to virgin or your old friend just put the stuff in order?

Rivers: hes just helping us on the side

Kyle: Ridd, is karl getting AIM?

Rivers: he should

Rivers: this rules

Ridd: he said he would yeah

Kyle: We could have him in our little chats too.

Ridd: but I think he sleeps during the day

Rivers: true!

Kyle: Rivers, is that the last day of recording?

Rivers: last day of live tracking

Rivers: no more new songs

Rivers: now we make the best of what we got

Rivers: its gonna be good

Rivers: this is the fun part

Ridd: that solo on My Weakness is incredible. How did it feel?

Rivers: i havnt listnd to weakness yet. i have a feeling im gonna regret it. i haven't played like that since 1987

Ridd: The solo?

Rivers: yeah

Kyle: You shredded it up.

Ridd: It's really really good

Rivers: lemme listen

Jason: ok but it is good

Ridd: It sounds like you're playing really confidently.

Jason: What is the big factor in the change of muscianship on this album compared to green?

Rivers: green

Ridd: green was the big factor? You mean the response it got?

Rivers: no, how lame it is.

Rivers: holy cow!

Ridd: he heard his solo lol

Ridd: good, huh?

Rivers: i don't know!

Rivers: vintage vinnie moore

Jason: Well what kind of a sound do you usally go for?

Jason: anyone in paticular?

Rivers: fat sounds

Ridd: will you be posting any mixes or is that it for a while?

Kyle: I say don't post the mixes.

Rivers: we're postin

Kyle: All of em?

Rivers: you can't stop us

Ridd: cool. and I assume you are going to post some album 5 demos?

Rivers: very soon

Ridd: what about live stuff on tour

Rivers: 1-2 songs/wk

Kyle: Wait, just to get this clear, you said you were writing about BBS experiences?

Kyle: Would you mind elaborating.

Rivers: girls

Rivers: guys

Rivers: whatever makes you feel something

Rivers: i live in my computer

Jason: rivers what ever happened to new joint and cryin and lonely

Rivers: they bit the proverbial dust

Rivers left for a bit and we chatted amongst ourselves. He came back during the following exchange:

Jason: Rivers ever think about going back to Purification of Water? That song sounds so amazing even from the bad qualtiy version posted on the internet.

Rivers: pow is kinda lame. you people are nuts

Rivers: talk about nonsense lyrics

Jason: well can't really hear the lyrics

Jason: from that version

Rivers: you're lucky

Rivers: shite-song

Kyle: Do you like Blast Off?

Rivers: i love it

Ridd: do you like the rest of those demos?

Rivers: yeah that was fun

Rivers: i did that in germany

Rivers: when matt's dad had a stroke

Rivers: we were stranded for a week in hamburg

Rivers: i wrote a lot of the b hole then

Ridd: will you guys ever release it?

Ridd: the whole thing i mean

Rivers: duh . . . pinkerton.

Ridd: i know

Ridd: but its not pinkerton exactly, right?

Kyle: I'm not sure how many songs are different.

Rivers: 50%

Kyle: Even though Serendipedity sucks, that little echo scrach dj club techno effect after 'give me some lovin is cool.

Rivers: dipity kicks pows ass

Rivers: but what the hell do i know?

Jason: well honestly what is your favorite song of what you have done?

Jason: if you had to pick?

Kyle: No One Else is my favorite.


  • officially changing name to "dipity"*

Rivers: no one else bites ass


  • officially think you're lame*

Rivers: lol

Ridd: are you still playing the gibsons in the studio?

Rivers: always have, always will

Ridd: yeah i have an SG

Jason: gibsons sound great

Ridd: it rocks

Rivers: but look lame

Rivers: the eternal conundrum

Kyle: I love that show when your like, 'Welcome to the Gibson Explorer, it rocks...'

Rivers: lol

Ridd: Im getting paid for sitting here chatting, i feel bad

Rivers: me too! hah!