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B.G. is, apparently, a woman with whom Rivers Cuomo was acquainted, who inspired some of the songwriting on Pinkerton. In Spring of 1996, Cuomo wrote a cello/piano composition "for B.G." (featured as sheet music in The Pinkerton Diaries):

It is unknown to what degree "B.G." inspired Pinkerton, but in another excerpt from The Pinkerton Diaries dated November 17, 1996, Cuomo writes:

I'm feeling so incredibly guilty about exposing B.G. on our album.
What a terrible thing to say!
She must be crushed! -- and yet it is true.
God, I'm so sorry. Life is so cruel.
I need a love to save me. An unselfish love. Can I ever step back from this life? This life of partying, aggression, sex, and ego? Can any other life quell my ever expanding id?

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