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C demos

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Rivers Cuomo recorded a series of demos (documented with a "C" prefix in his Grand File spreadsheet) in February or March of 1998. The meaning of the "C" designation is unknown, though it may refer to Cole Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles, where Weezer rehearsed during that same year.

Prefix Title Circulating? Filename Length Notes
C-1 Cheap Love yes C-1 Cheap Love (snippets).mp3 0:37
C-2 Downtown Jam no
C-3 Everybody Wants to Get High no C-3.1 Everybody Wants to Get High.mp3
no C-3.2 Everybody Wants to Get High.mp3
C-4 Damn That Wine no C-4.1 Damn That Wine.mp3
no C-4.2 Damn That Wine.mp3
C-5 Every Thing Is Gonna Be Fine no
C-6 Nobody Noticed When the Ladies no
C-7 Beautiful Demons no Other demos available as part of Alone VI: The Black Room
C-8 Ivory Telephone no
C-9 Sing Melody yes C-9 Average Town.mp3 2:52
C-10 Sweet Bird no
C-11 Our Parents Don't Want to Know no
C-12 Good Times unclear Unclear if 1998-03 Good Times.mp3 from Alone VI: The Black Room is part of "C" tape.
C-11 I Want to Be Something unclear Unclear if same song as "I Want to Be Something" from deluxe release of Hurley
C-12 I Just Wanna Be Your Friend no

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