Dancing Girl

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"Dancing Girl"
Dancing Girl cover
Album track by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Album Hometown
Released December 5, 2018
Length 3:09
Label Ki/oon Music
Writer(s) Masafumi Gotoh, Rivers Cuomo
Producer Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Status Officially released
This song is part of the "Byzantine" lineage of songs

"Dancing Girl" (ダンシングガール Danshingu Gāru) is the eighth track from the 2018 album Hometown by Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. The song was co-written by frontman Masafumi Gotoh with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo also co-wrote the track "Clock Work" from the same album.


The verse melody from "Dancing Girl" resembles that of the Weezer song "Byzantine", written in 2018 for Weezer's 2019 self-titled album (The Black Album).


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