Down Without a Fight

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"Down Without a Fight"
Down Without a Fight cover
Album track by that dog.
Album Old LP
Released 2019
Recorded 2016-2019 @ Kingsize Soundlabs; Park Oak Studios; The Boat; The Evergreen Stage; The Whiskey Kitchen
Length 2:54
Label UME
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Anna Waronker and that dog.
Status Released
Old LP track listing
"Alone Again"
"Down Without a Fight"
"Never Want to See Your Face Again"

"Down Without a Fight" is the eighth song on that dog.'s fourth album Old LP.


Band commentary

Anna Waronker: There was a short period where Rachel and I were in a cover band with Joey Santiago and Patty Schemel. We played three shows and it was fun. So I started writing, not realizing I was writing a song for that dog. This song was born out of that writing session but evolved once it was going to that dog. It’s about fighting and not backing down to the person fighting you.

Consequence of Sound interview with Anna Waronker - October 3, 2019



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You point your finger like you'd point a loaded gun
You pull the trigger and another war is won
You take no prisoners and I'm no exception
If I am not your enemy than what have I become?
You say something like it's nothing
I start running like something is coming at me
I take cover because I know it's a bummer
It's like we pushed the button and we hit repeat

You don't own me
But you owe me
I'm not going down without a fight

You make a joke
It makes a fool of me
I blow it off
I turn the other cheek
If comedy is tragedy, timing is key
And what you think is bending is breaking me
You start trouble, I see double
So the rebuttal begins and I'll accept no defeat
You think I'm bluffing while you're huffing and puffing
But it's hot as an oven and you can't take the heat

Round and round and round and round we go
Back and forth, it's all we've ever known
It's a place we know way too well
It's a miracle we lived to tell
Neither one of us had a chance in hell
No, neither one of us had a chance in hell

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