Emopop.com interview with Mikey Welsh - February 22, 2001

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Aerial Theater - Houston, Texas

emopop: So how was the show last night?

Mikey: The show was good. I give it about a C+.

emopop: Why was it a C+?

Mikey: I give myself a C+, but I think we did a really good job. We're just working the bugs out. We have a big production now so we're just trying to work out all the bugs, like lights, new people that work for us and stuff, but overall it was good. The crowd was good.

emopop: What was it like coming from just recording to like BAM! tour?

Mikey: Well that's the working the bugs out part. It couldn't be more different worlds as far as, you know, being in the studio for a couple of months, not really being public. You see the same people every day, never leaving. And then all of a sudden you're out doing this stuff but we're very happy that we're done and we're very happy that we're back on tour.

emopop: Talking about the blink-182 tour that's coming up, is that confirmed yet or what?

Mikey: Uh, no, the thing in the summer? No, I'm not sure we're gonna do that. I don't think we're gonna do it. I think we're actually doing Warped Tour. Yeah, we're doing the second half of the Warped Tour. We're gonna be in Europe a lot this summer, but as far as I know it's not happening, or we're not doing it at least.

emopop: So you have a girlfriend?

Mikey: Do I have a girlfriend? No, that's the kind of stuff I really don't like to talk about. (laughs) That's private.

emopop: How are you doing with Rivers? Is everyone getting along pretty cool?

Mikey: Rivers and I get along great. It's business-like in the fashion of our tour has gotten this size where there's fifty-thousand people working. But we keep our hands on everything, to try to feel everybody out and see how their jobs are, and if they can make the jobs any easier. But you know, there's so much work to make sure everything is running smoothly. But yeah, personally, we all get along great, especially considering how much time we spend together.

emopop: Where's everybody living at?

Mikey: We all live in Los Angeles except for Pat. He lives in Portland.

emopop: How's your side band?

Mikey: The Special Goodness. Oh well, we haven't done that in a long time because we've been so busy with Weezer. We did a couple of Special Goodness shows last spring, but it's been a long time. It's just Weezer's gotten so busy its like we don't have time to do anything else. It's impossible.

emopop: Well can you bring Special Goodness here to Houston?

Mikey: We've played here before. It was in the Fall of '99, yeah. It's coming up on two years now.

emopop: Just one more question, about the new music. Are you satisfied with it?

Mikey: Am I satisfied with it? Yeah. I'm really happy with the way it sounds. I'm happy with the songs we picked. We had so many songs before we started. I mean, we had probably thirty songs last summer that we were rotating in and out of the set when we were touring. And we had another eighty I think before we went in. It was difficult sometimes trying to focus in on one song and really let it develop its own personality, but we did a really good job. I'm really glad to be able to sit down and put the record on my Walkman and be able to just listen to it and be able to go, "Ah, it's done."

emopop: So how many tracks, how many songs are gonna be on it?

Mikey: I'm not sure. I think there will be either twelve or fourteen songs. I'm not sure, we recorded about twenty, but yeah, I'm really happy with it personally, I think it sounds really great. I'm glad we're on a roll now and really excited to do our next record and keep cranking them out.

Mikey: (To production crew) What's up Haas?

Crew member: I think the food's probably gonna be here in a minute.

Mikey: Oh, okay.

emopop: That was really an honor.

Mikey: Oh yeah, you're welcome.