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Here at Weezerpedia, song pages are one of the most vital parts. When going about a song page, please adhere to doing the following.

1. Create an infobox for the song. Infoboxes are available in several formats so be sure to pick the right one. When doing the chronology, be sure to get the RC numbers and COR numbers. You can use this site to help you: . The Official Recording History is also helpful when trying to find out exactly when and where a song was recorded.

When Making the infobox, highlight a chrono song in brackets if it is worthy of an article. For example, "I Can't Forget The Way" would be put in brackets because it is Weezer's first song to be recorded, whereas the song "Trampoline", where little to no information is available, would not be highlighted.

2. Be sure to include an ==Appearances== section, an ==Overview== section, a ==Lyrics== section, and anything else appropriate.

3. At the bottom of every song page should be a ==See also== section. In the "See also" section, be sure to include *[[List of all Weezer songs]].

4. At the bottom of every Weezer song page should be the following text: [[Category:Weezer songs]]. If the song has been released on an album, also place this at the bottom: [[Category:Songs on ALBUM NAME]].

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