Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop

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Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop
Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop cover
Studio album by Various artists
Released 1994
Format CD, cassette, 7" vinyl (partial)
Recorded various
Genre Benefit
Label Mammoth
MR 00981-2
Producer(s) various
Professional reviews

Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop is a benefit compilation album, the proceeds of which went to help the Los Angeles coffee shop/rock club Jabberjaw. It features the exclusive track "Explain" by That Dog, as well as recordings by common collaborator Beck and early Weezer tourmate Teenage Fanclub.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Magattraction"  Girls Against Boys 3:24
2. "Broken E Strings"  Unwound 3:14
3. "Rock Star (Alternate version)"  Hole 2:37
4. "Cleaning Woman"  Hammerhead 2:43
5. "In a Cold Ass Fashion"  Beck 4:10
6. "Total Weirdness"  Teenage Fanclub 3:17
7. "Borax"  Slug 1:48
8. "Narrow (1993 version)"  Chokebore 2:41
9. "Charger"  Mule 2:53
10. "Turned Out (live)"  Helmet 4:34
11. "Jabberjammin'"  Southern Culture On The Skids 1:44
12. "Rocky Mountain Rescue"  Karp 3:41
13. "Chump II"  Jawbox 3:18
14. "Little Girl"  Surgery 2:49
15. "Blew"  Unsane 3:50
16. "My Letters"  Seaweed 2:58
17. "Buzzers and Bells"  Inch 1:55
18. "Explain"  That Dog 1:53
19. "Rich Kids"  Further 3:14

Liner notes

Liner notes included on CD release:

A hole in the wall in Nowheresville, man, that's Jabberjaw 3711!! MMM smell the rich aroma of the exotic coffee bean wafting down Pico Blvd. One steamy cup puts the get up in yer go go, revved up like a hot rod to hell. Va voooom!!

Spawned from two bored Valley kids in their late teens faced with a bleak future and sick to death of the usual rigmarole and rampant apathy of the LA club scene. "This town has been sucked dry and there's just nothing left for us!" was the general consensus.

So after scrimping and saving and three months of radical transformation Jabberjaw was born September 30, 1989.

Drink up kids!! Throw 'em back till yer teeth gnash. Enjoy a hot cup a joe or a cold soda over some scintillating conversation. Peruse Jabberjaw's haunting "Keane Gallery". A video game perhaps? Relax in our cozy den and catch a T.V. movie of the week on Mom's old green tint Zenith 20 inch console. But not for too long, you might miss swingin' to one of the hot rockin'est punk rock shows Jabberjaw has to offer. You might not catch 'em anywhere else in town. If it gets too steamy, escape to the patio and take in the night air.

But there is room for improvement. Think of the possibilities. We decided to do a benefit compilation of some of our favorite bands to take the Jabberjaw stage. So cheer up kids! Jabberjaw can keep it up if you can!!!

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