Julia Nunes

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Julia Nunes
Nunes screenshot1.jpg
Background information
Birth name Julia Nunes
Born January 3, 1989 (age 32)
Fairport, New York, US
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter, Vocalist, Youtube star
Years active 2005present
Instrument(s) Ukulele, Vocals, Guitar
Website Official site
Youtube channel

Julia Nunes (born January 3, 1989) is a singer, songwriter, and internet star made famous by her Youtube channel. The youtube videos that brought her her fame mostly consist of covers of famous rock songs done on a ukulele.

Relation to Weezer

One of Nunes more popular videos is a cover of Weezer's Maladroit single Keep Fishin, which was released to Youtube on December 17, 2007. Nunes plays ukulele and accompanies herself with background vocals. Nunes would, a few years later, join Weezer onstage for a performance of "Tripping Down the Freeway" at Bonnaroo Festival in 2010.
A fan rendition of Nunes playing her ukulele, created by user MrWakiki.