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M.E. cover
Album track by Gary Numan
Album The Pleasure Principle
Released 1979
Label Beggars Banquet
Status Released
Live debut March 19, 1992 in Los Angeles, CA
The Pleasure Principle track listing

"M.E." is the fifth track off of Gary Numan's album The Pleasure Principle. The song has been covered by Weezer.


Patrick Wilson recorded a 4-track cover of "M.E." in January of 1992. Weezer is known to have performed the song once, with Wilson on vocals and Rivers Cuomo on drums, at the band's first concert, on March 19, 1992. No recordings currently exist in circulation.


And me I eat dust
We're all so run down
I'd call it my death
But I'll only fade away
And I hate to fade alone
Now there's only me

We were so sure
We were so wrong
Now it's over
But there's no one left to see
And there's no one left to die
There's only me

Why should I care
Why should I try
Oh no, oh no
I turned off the pain
Like I turned off you all
Now there's only me

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