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Nico cover
Album track by Space Twins
Album The End of Imagining
Released November 4, 2003
Recorded Unknown
Length 1:13
Label Raga Drop Records
Writer(s) Tim Maloof
Status Officially released
The End of Imagining track listing
"Can't You See?"
"Birds In The Street"

"Nico" is the eleventh track from Brian Bell's side project the Space Twins' debut album The End of Imagining. It is the second of three tracks on the album written by the band's bassist Tim Maloof.


Nico's the captain of our fishing boat
She eats all the fish before we get home
Then when we get there Sadie is mad
Because she ate all the fish that we had

And if we're lucky will but some sardines
And we will eat them with olives and cheese
Then when we doze off our bellies are full
We'll dream of starfish and mermaids and gulls

Then in the morning time we'll launch our boat
Hoping not to sink and just stay afloat
Fishing and drinking is all that we do
I wonder where I'll get my next tattoo?
Good show

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