Rings of Saturn

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"Rings of Saturn"
Rings of Saturn cover
Album track by Space Twins
Album The End of Imagining
Released November 4, 2003
Recorded Unknown
Length 3:22
Label Raga Drop Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell
Status Officially released
The End of Imagining track listing
"Rust Colored Sun"
"Rings of Saturn"
"There's Always Tomorrow"

"Rings of Saturn" is the second track from Brian Bell's side project the Space Twins' debut album The End of Imagining. The title for the album was taken from the lyrics to this song.


I searched for her alone
Across the vast black space unknown
Where she stops, heaven knows
Here she comes
There she goes

She never did come home
And my holograms grew cold
She’s the one
I love the most

I’ll follow her threw the cosmos
Someday, she’ll return
Someday, she’ll return
Someday, she’ll return
And I’ll promise her
The Rings of Saturn

She’ll be queen
I’ll be king
No more dreams
It’s the end of imagining

Forever lost in stars
I can’t distinguish earth from mars
She’s the one
I love the most

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