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"Rivah Weezah" is a phrase with some notoriety in the Weezer fan community, lifted from an October 1996 interview with the Australian television network ABC Recovery.


See ABC Recovery interview with Rivers Cuomo - 1996

Dylan Lewis: Like you to make very welcome, a very special guest, who has stopped over on the way to Livid. Please make welcome, River. Hello. River Weezer! Thanks for dropping in. Are you like actually waiting for a plane as we speak?

Rivers: Yes.

Dylan Lewis: Sorry. Sorry about that. It's ver- Weezer. Weezer is the band that River is from.

Fans remember this interview endearingly[example needed] , as it is indicative of Rivers Cuomo's aloof, inattentive style of answering questions in the Pinkerton era, something he would later reference in the 2010 song "Memories." Dylan Lee, the interviewer, also makes several gaffes during the interview, ostensibly believing Cuomo's name to be "River Weezer," pronounced with an Australian accent.


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