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Cuomo Cuotes

These are comments or responses I’ve made in the chat that the neighborhood finds interesting, funny, noteworthy or newsworthy. Anyone is welcome to add quotes, but please take care to avoid paraphrasing or misquoting, even if it’s just one word. Also this isn’t intended as a vessel to log everything I say in the chat. Let’s just note the highlights.

“I’m here.”

“Yeah the paraphrasing drives me nuts. Even if they change one word.”

"Sometimes I get fascinated by things I don't like. And then start using them. And then I almost kind of like them. It happens with music all the time period".

"The first days of chatting here are pretty frustrating. Or so I've heard. It's a rite of passage."

"I haven't cut my hair since this all started. I'm giving Brian a run for his money."

"I think I meant that the lyrics just came off the top of my head or the bottom of my head, I don't know. I didn't set off to say anything in particular. It's crazy that sometimes songs can end up having a specific meaning that way." [In reference 'My Brain is Working Overtime']

"The stereotype of a record label is about as accurate as the stereotype of a rock star, which is to say not at all."

"Rivers delivers. That's what Michael Enzinger said."

"marriage is good."

"I am a 'white belt' at sleeping."

"One trick I like for writing melodies is to try and write a bad melody. I guess that could be applied to any creative pursuit".

"I am a perfect fig mint"

"Pigs were my favorite animal when I was a kid."

"I thought you guys were just being all internetty"

"Thank you guys. You're all very excellent people."

"We were doing a meet and greet when the album came out. A couple came up to us and said their son had been a huge Weezer fan. He committed s**cide. When they heard the new album was called 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End', it was a great consolation to them. I knew then that we had made the right move in changing the title. It was a real lesson for me. Choose positivity when you can. And you always can."

"I wonder what would happen if I deep faked myself. I would never have to be in any videos or photo shoots again."

"bet you there are more "dan's" in the weezer fandom per capita, than any other fandom."

"playing my piano sounds like an euphemism."

“I never understood why guys swim topless. It’s so icky to put sunscreen all over your torso.”

“this song in fall called francesca is so amazing"

“doing research for Tastes Like Pain: [provides Wikipedia link for “brown rat torture”]. did not know about that one.”

"The reason I stopped moving around [as much onstage during shows] was because I started playing guitar again. Therefore I couldn't carry the microphone."

“In I need some of that? Oh, I know what [the conversation after the song] is. They had to chop off the end of the song. But they left that bit. That's from 2014. I think we couldn't get clearance for Ric's verse. We had him singing a whole verse. Well just his verse is from 2014.”

“Hot pictures of Rivers Cuomo seems a bit redundant.”

“I guess I’m just bigger than you’d expect.”

"one of my songwriting rules is to not say I'm sorry. Because I tend to see it too much."

"That would be cool only because I like the name oscar." [In regards to the idea of winning an Oscar someday]

"Evangeline, no I didn't realize people would have a strong reaction to it [the "daddy" line in 1 More Hit]. That's always been the case though. From The sweater song to it's a hip hop world and where the furniture. It all just sounds like me rambling to me."

“If the bird ain’t happy, the bird don’t sing.”

I can juggle three things.

"King Tom, good life was inspired by me."

"boy I was mad on friday. Hadn't been that mad in ages. but underneath anger, there are always softer emotions: in this case, sadness and fear.

“I have many many robots working here in my room.”

“We shall henceforth be thought of as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.”

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Botch - my dad gave me this because the sound made me laugh as a baby.

Weezer - my dad called me this because of my asthma.

Rivolino - my parents used to call me this.

Sweet River Baines - a nickname from an SNL skit with Michael Jordan that my friends tried after it aired.

Rivwanda - a nickname the Weezer guys tried but it didn’t stick.

Riv - Petra used to call me that.

RivDawg - a current nickname.

Further Reading:
Frank Cuomo
My dad's nicknames for people and things

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A planned series of four albums (8 songs apiece, totaling 32 songs), set for release on the first day of each season of 2022.


Each album will feature a specific emotion and musical genre, and musical themes from Vivaldi's 'Le quattro stagioni' will appear throughout.

  • Spring (March 20, 2022): Happy Chill; acoustic & breezy; inspired by Island In The Sun.
  • Summer (June 20, 2022): Youthful Indignation; crunchy beach boys; will be perceived as more "Classic Weezer.”
  • Fall (Sept 22, 2022): Anxiety, Fear; dance-rock; inspired by Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.
  • Winter (Dec 21, 2022): Sadness, grief over loss; 90's singer/songwriter Elliott Smith.


Each Season will have a co-producer we've never worked with before, in addition to Jake (big picture) and Suzy (vocals). Michael Beinhorn is possibly our Spring producer, as I submitted a first draft to him in May 2021.

Seasons will be the opposite of quarantine recording, as we plan to record with all musicians playing together in the same room with Jake’s version of The Wrecking Crew. We’ll also be working with Rob Mathes (LA Phil conductor we worked with on OKH) and his friends. The recording session will be in September after the Hella Mega tour.

My first deadline for SZNS is Friday, May 28, 2021.


There’s a song on SZNS about the pilot of the Goodyear Blimp, although the specific season remains unspecified.
The opening song of Seasons [SZNS] is a tribute to Shakespeare, called Opening Night. Maybe fall is written from the perspective of an anxious android. The verse from Hello, Concubine is currently being used as the verse for Basketball. I’m happy that I worked the word 'triclinium' into Summer’s Cuomoville. I’ve also mentioned possible lyrics for The Opposite Of Me (also on Summer). “ Somebody's so relatable you feel as if they're your best friend. And when they begin to make a speech you wish that it would never end.”

Other songs in contention for SZNS:

Opening Night
Good Morning

The Opposite Of Me


I Want a Dog
Tastes Like Pain

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