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Riverpedia archive - 11/12/2020

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The Cathy Santonies

In 2011, I played a radio show on WBEZ Chicago. Because I like trying different things and being in uncomfortable situations, I asked the Sound Opinions people to select a backing band and setlist of their choice. We met about 30 minutes before the performance.

The Cathy Santonies are a rock trio from Chicago. The members of the group are Mojo Santoni, Radio Santoni and Jane Danger.

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This Website

Experimenting bringing back some features now that the market is sold out.

I think I will respond in your personal channels. They are still public, though. If the site starts crashing, I'll have to disable again.

I'm setting up an appointment with a pro next week to help me make the app more stable and help reduce the startup time.

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Lina Rivers, what is waig?

Rivers Lina, waig.

Tiffany Lina, it stands for “what am I, google?”

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