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“Do y’all ever catch on to something and know IMMEDIATELY, 'yup. This is EXACTLY how I’ll be wasting my time for the foreseeable future' ?”

Welcome to Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood. Thanks for joining the fun. Since you may have some questions about how the app works, here are some FAQ, tips and chat etiquette to help you get started:

Yes, that really is me. I created this app as an assignment for my CS50w course. I’m continually updating the code to add and adjust features. Chaos often ensues.

The chat is a chill conversation with lots of interesting people. Everyone is welcome to jump in at any time.

Remember, this isn't a Q&A. I’m a participant in the conversation, not the subject of it. Please don’t bombard me with questions or requests. Over time, we'll be sure to get to know each other.

The app will reset daily, often more than once. This will cause all comments to disappear, and the automated welcome message will appear at the top of each channel.

New users will be limited to commenting in the “welcome” channel for a period of time, usually 2-3 days.

It’s easier for me to read messages when they end in punctuation. Messages that do not end in punctuation will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.

I like it when the chat is calm. Messages that include profanity or exclamation points will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.

I prefer it when you use words to describe your thoughts and feelings. Messages that include emojis will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message with words. Most web acronyms and abbreviations will not populate when your message posts in the chat, but they will not trigger a pop-up reminder.

Anonymous browsing is permitted, but you must be a registered user and logged in to comment. If you’re not able to see the comment box at the bottom of each channel, you are not logged in.

The app supports multiple languages and alphabets. Use of other languages is permitted. I myself will occasionally post in other languages. We are an international group which is reflected in our neighborhood. Please be neighborly if others choose to use alternate languages.

Clicking on a user’s name will tag them in a response.

Double-clicking on a user's name will take you to their profile page.

If you’re having trouble logging in or posting comments, don’t assume you’ve been blocked or banned. Sorry, I suck and sometimes I mess up the code. Have someone tag me in the chat and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Creating and Navigating Channels

To create a channel, type the name of the channel in the text box labeled “create a new channel.”

Only the most recent 150 messages in a channel are displayed.

Channels will disappear if inactive after four hours.

Navigating to a channel will automatically take you to the most recent message in that channel.

A blue box will appear on a channel’s tab when a new chat is posted in that channel. It will turn grey when all chats in a channel have been viewed.

Sometimes more channels will exist than appear on screen. Navigating to these channels differs by type of device.

On mobile: swipe horizontally on the channels bar (a scrollbar will appear once you swipe).

On desktop: click a channel, then use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate.

Navigating the Library/Riverpedia articles

By default, articles are listed with most recently edited entries at the top.

To sort entries alphabetically, you can tap on "Title". Similarly, you can sort by "Tags" the same way.

To filter by tags: Click on the "Clear All" button first, then select the tags you would like to filter by.

Note about privacy

Please be mindful that while most of us are above the age of 18, quite a few aren’t. I know many of you will exchange profile information for different social media platforms, but not everyone is comfortable with sharing personal details about themselves, and we should be respectful of those boundaries. Someone under 18 shouldn’t feel pressured to share their location or contact information. Someone over 18 shouldn’t either, for that matter. I know we share a lot with each other here, which is something the general anonymity of the internet allows us, but we should still be mindful of each other’s privacy.

Full Google doc with updates here.

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A style of karate. I studied it when I was in my early twenties because of Takashi, somebody I met in LACC in typing class, and he roped me into taking karate with him. I took it for a year and a half. I think I reached Blue belt, or Blue with a yellow stripe; which is advanced enough that you would think you could fight, but not advanced enough that you could avoid getting your a** kicked.

It's pretty hardcore.

I found a recording from one of the old classes:

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/zszepk1knz3vqxj/Kyokushin%20Side%20A.mp3 YouTube mirror

Takashi is now a sensei with his own dojo in West Los Angeles.

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You should receive an email from me, with your bundles, immediately. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR ORDER, PLEASE EMAIL lisa@riverscuomo.com

  1. Please tell me if anything looks wrong or if I've made a mistake.
  2. Once purchased, please don't share. If you have a close friend, who really can't afford it, and they really want the music, sure, go ahead and share. But don't post for the general public. For example, on youtube.
  3. And please let me know if it doesn't work as expected. Or if you find you have access to something you shouldn't. Thank you.
  4. I haven't had a chance to make all the audio previews yet so in some cases, if you buy, you're buying sight unseen. Or hearing unheard?
  5. these should be songs that have no co-writers or other performers.

I really appreciate it when you alert me to stuff that shouldn't in a given bundle or shouldn't released at all. Also, please let me know if there's anything I wouldn't want public in all the voice notes. I never thought i would be releasing those. I don't know what's in them. Thank you.

For any demo:

  1. It might have silence.
  2. It might be wildly inappropriate.
  3. It might have super low sound quality.
  4. It might just be me rambling, talking, making sounds.
  5. It may have already been shared or leaked.
  6. It might be just a drum beat. it might not have vocals.
  7. It might be a duplicate of another demo.
  8. It might be an inferior version of another demo.
  9. the information provided, such as year and description, might be incorrect.
  10. Also, over time, the contents of each bundle in the market might change.
  11. Or the metadata for a file might change.

On the bright side, I realized I can add files to the dropbox folders after they've gone on sale. That means you can re-download the bundle, or the specific files, and get additional content as I discover it. Very cool.

By the way, This market is my final project for a course I'm taking in web programming.

some cool news: "Rivers sale of audio files falls under sale tax exempt category and does not need to pay sales taxes. Please confirm Rivers is only selling audio files over drop box. Once he starts selling other items that are tangible goods, he would need to pay sales tax."

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Mixes by the People

Have you made a mix with any of the master file bundles? This is the place to show off your work.

Gravity Will Bring You Down 13-2 by William
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tc7gfw215wkk0u6/Gravity%20Will%20Bring%20You%20Down%2013-2.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity 13 by energyflavor
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ut7v618c2d6hw8f/Gr13EQ.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity Will Bring You Down by stgrunu
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/7xq9endwsognqt8/grav%20master.wav YouTube mirror

Pacific Sunset by stgrunu
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/c1qeh25z32ls2tv/pacsun%20master%20aaaaaa-stgrunu.wav YouTube mirror

Pacific Sunset by Reddit user adizzle26

YouTube mirror

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Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood

Programming this website has been unbelievably fun for me, since day 1. That being said, I want to limit my time working here to 4-6 hours a day, so I still have time to work on new music. That means I can't add new features as quickly as I'd like.

Thanks to all the HTML/CSS heroes who are helping with everyone's account pages. The pages are beautiful and interesting.

Here is my to-do list. Feel free to add to it.

There are some common features I don't plan to implement, such as likes, followers, visit counters, private messages, and friends.

Also, there's a great song on ok human about the destructiveness of number watching. (It's called 'Numbers') It will probably clarify my emotions about this issue.

Further info:
The Social Dilemma
Humane Tech

this is all debatable by the way.

See also:
Profile Pages
Riverpedia, aka The Library
The Market
Song List, a list of all songs in The Market.

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Profile Pages

You can now customize your own profile pages using html/css. On your profile page, you will see an "edit" button; in that text box (the default of which says "I am a gentle nerd") is where you input the html/css.

User M3D has a link to a profile builder (this might not work for everyone) on his profile page, and has additionally made a github page with some basic codes to help you format your page if you prefer to DIY.

User sarahdanielle also has a handy guide for some coding tips as well.

User vixen has some tips n' tricks for profile customization if you like to get creative.

User gracz has some more advanced functions. Ask him to help if you have an idea you’d like to implement.

Basic color codes can be found here.

If you are not good with HTML, but can format a rich text box, you can use a website like this to create the HTML for you. Edit the demo text and the HTML equivalent will appear in the far right box.

Thank you to all of you for sharing your knowledge in such a neighborly way.

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Songs by users of riverscuomo.com


Amber Sage (vixen) - All I Wanted

BenevolentDonut - Colette

bluto - Ugly & Beautiful

Dan (bleed) - Joan of Arc (Demo)

Daniel Gasparini - Shake It Out

jbloss1233 - China Dolls

justinho - Abigail Foster's Photosynthesis Machine Discography

M3D - I Don't Know Your Name (Demo)

Marjolaine - Sarah and Thea

omelettetdq3z - Fern

ourruseoffools - Oil's Dry

Ryan Velvet - Genevieve, la Vie!

souptheman - I Believe

stgrunu - Cecilia

Sugarcubes - 10101 (Will the Starship)

Sugarcubes - I'm Going to Die Tonight

Technicolor Riots (mike) - Basic/Caustic

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The Rules of Life

Song that was written for Ecce Homo and considered for Everything Will Be Alright In The End. It was based on a piano sketch from the Red/Raditude/Hurley era.

The song went through over 50 versions and ultimately was never released on a Weezer album.

The lyrics were originally involving the character, Sebastien, in Ecce Homo but the lyrics changed over time.

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TikTok Live

I’m performing on TikTok Live again soon. Dress nice and be interesting.

Visit me on TikTok

Here's my latest TikTok.


##duet with @rickastleyofficial
♬ Buddy Holly - Weezer

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To-do List

A list of ways you can help with site maintenance, functionality and improvements can be found here.

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Why Am I Getting So Upset

Paul’s got a Pleistocene phone [The Pope’s. apostle. priest’s]
He sounds like he’s talking on an ass bone in Hebrew
Baruch atah adonai, can you hear him now?
Hinjews know exactly what he’s saying [precisely]
Gandhi only wanted to keep praying to Krishna
But Pitchfork gave him a 2, really shook him up [blew his confidence shook]
1800 bucks’ll get your foot inside the door
1800 bucks’ll get you in the door

I’m gonna trash all of my google docs
Delete my calendar shout out “Ecce Homo!"
God never liked the name “God” so don’t call him that
But why did he make Oasis break up?
Forget the music, I’m talking ‘bout the love of brothers
Let’s hope they scattered some crumbs as they walked away
1800 bucks’ll get your foot inside the door
1800 bucks’ll get you in the door

I last edited this song on November 23rd, 2011, a month after my son was born. The lyrics are pretty awesome. For the chorus, I think I was upset about an expensive door our architect had us buy that turned out not to work for our house. That is what the notes say in the google doc for the song.

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Wind In Our Sail

A song I wrote with Ryan Spraker, and Scott Chesak for the White album. Contains numerous literary and scientific references.

Listen to Wind In Our Sail on Spotify.

A boy and a girl
Albatross around their necks
Hands burning from the rope
Ship stranded in the tropics
Acidification wiped out the tiger shark
Let's try to save their souls
And trust the man with the Torah

We got the wind in our sail
Like Darwin on the Beagle
And Mendel experimenting with a pea
We got the wind in our sail
And we can do so many great things together, together

Breathe in the salt
Slicing waves at forty knots
Cumulonimbus in the sky
This is what we waited for
And now there's no more hyperventilating in wheelchairs
We're gonna save the last auk on Funk Island
We had to do it wrong
Before we could do it right

Pushing the stone up the hill
And if it rolls back down
Whoa Sisyphus, it rolls back down

HMS Beagle

Gregor Mendel

Mendel near the garden of St Thomas's Abbey, Brno

Illustration of Great Auks by John James Audubon. Prior to extinction, the great auk’s largest breeding colony was on Funk Island.


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