Rivers's Opera

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Rivers's Opera
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released November 22, 2020
Recorded 1991-1992
Length 36:44

Rivers's Opera is a demo compilation by Rivers Cuomo


Rivers's Opera features piano based demos recorded from 1991 through 1992. The tape's existence became known when the songs were leaked in the riverscuomo.com demo leak. The demos were later listed on the demo storefront on riverscuomo.com in 2020, and were subsequently included on the compilation Alone V: Before Weezer.

The compilation features several songs, or parts of songs, that would go on to be used again by Cuomo. These include "Hey M'Darlin'", "It Holds Me Together", "My Name is Jonas", and the beginnings of the "Buddy Holly" chorus melody.


No. Title Length
1. "Intro"   0:43
2. "I Just Took the Most Wicked Dump"   1:53
3. "What do you do when you know what's on my mind?"   2:14
4. "I'm basket for your name; i'm feeling really good right about now; i'm starting to rock and roll"   1:00
5. "Dadddy I'm going to sing this song for you right now; what you got to say to them little guy; i'm leaving town forever; i ain't comin back;"   1:34
6. "I am really fucking cool with all the girls; they think that i'm pretty mighty righteous;"   1:16
7. "and i'm playing piano for you daddy; i want to know what you think about me daddy;"   1:05
8. "when somebody asks you what the name of your son is do you say peter, jonathan, ogilve; this sounds like catharsis"   0:52
9. "One more time for the children around the world; they got no food to eat; they got no shoes upon their feet"   1:32
10. "Scat"   1:52
11. "what you got in your little little pocket?; i don't know what you're gonna do tomorrow;"   0:44
12. "I think everybody should eat lots of meat so they can grow big and strong; we are the biggest and the strongest country in the worl"   1:25
13. "My mommy said children ought to go to bed at their age; if you are 8 you go to bed at 8:"   1:39
14. "I'm gonna sing a little pentatonic jam; there isn't a bad not; sing and be set free; things start to sound kind of bad"   2:18
15. "Little Children that's not in my heart;"   00:27
16. "Hey My Darlin'; I'm gonna sing a song called my hey darlin' and it goes something like this."   2:55
17. "Friends Romans, and Countrymens; sometimes i feel really tired; like i want to go to sleep"   00:47
18. "PE Rap"   0:18
19. "I'm gonna sing a song; bridge in brooklyn; drive your automobile across"   0:41
20. "The Key of E; The Key of Bb"   2:57
21. "We came to Hollywood;"   1:10
22. "It Holds Me Together"   3:54
23. "You can't hold me back!"   0:40
24. "I think maybe i'm starting to run out of ideas so i'll just sit back and relax; i am going to sit down and paint a picture; a picture of myself; myself is being painted by me; i call the wolves when the moon is full; when the moon is behind me; a"   2:39
Total length:

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