Rivers Cuomo concert: 10/08/1997

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At some date in October of 1997 (most likely October 8th, according to Rivers Cuomo's Grand File), Rivers Cuomo performed his first (of three) "solo" shows/Weezer "try-outs" in Cambridge, Massachusetts (likely at T.T. & The Bear's or, possibly, Axis). Cuomo was joined by future Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh on bass, Kevin Stevenson (of the band The Shods) on guitar, and Zeph Courtney (of Chevy Heston and Stompbox) on drums. Some songs from this set list were bootlegged.

Set list

  1. "Rosemary"
  2. "1,000 Years"
  3. "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World"
  4. "Baby"
  5. "Fun Time"
  6. "American Girls"

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